The Poison Billions Of Us Drink Everyday

By Vishen Lakhiani

Meet the CEO of Coca-Cola And watch him lie and squirm his way out of some tough questions that everyone should be asking this company. It’s about time.

Coke has spent millions upon millions of dollars to position itself as ‘happiness in a can’, and just like tobacco, their addictive product does the rest.

Watch the video to find out:

Just HOW much sugar is in Coca-Cola (much more than you think)
Why Coke Zero, or Diet Coke are EVEN WORSE for the body
Why ‘low calorie’ arguments are BS
Exactly HOW and WHY Coke’s marketing works to seduce your brain

It’s up to all of us to stand for health and wellness and say no to companies that are running amok with dangerous products.

We want to see Coca-Cola face the same kind of health scrutiny that big tobacco was subject to, at least get health warnings on those pretty red cans. 

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