JKNF pays tribute to Hizb operational chief and other martyrs

By News Desk

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir National Front has paid eulogizing tributes to Hizb operational Commander Riyaz Ahmed Naikoo and other martyrs who were martyred by the Indian occupation forces during a cordon and search operation in south Kashmir.

The JKNF spokesman, in a statement issued in Srinagar on Thursday, said, that commander Naikoo and Adil were the proud sons of the soil whose years’ long unwavering struggle against Indian imperialism will remain an inspiration for the coming generations.

“The whole Kashmiri nation is proud of these brave sons who sacrificed their precious lives for the noble cause”, the spokesman said adding that the blood of martyrs was like a seed of resistance that will continue to germinate and haunt the oppressor in many different forms. He said Kashmiri nation was indebted of the martyrs who have always offered their red hot blood to let the torch of freedom burn with brilliance.

Referring to Kashmiris’ supreme sacrifices he said, “The sacred blood of Kashmiri martyrs would never go in waste and the day was not far when the Indian oppression would come to an end in occupied Kashmir”. About the prevailing political situation in the restive region the spokesman said, “Scared of public outpour India resorted to age old tactics of shutting down the internet on top of curfew in Kashmir. Shutting down the internet and imposing statewide curfew he said was a manifestation of frustration on the part of Indian government.

Regarding the Indian troops highhandedness the spokesman said that vandalizing public properties blasting civilian homes with explosives during the encounters has become a new norm for Indian troops to cow Kashmiris into submission. “The main intention of this tactics is not only to completely occupy Kashmir, but also to erase any form of resistance that Kashmiris have”, the spokesman added.

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