Kashmiris under double lockdowns – Indian Army and Coronavirus

Kashmiris under double lockdowns – Indian Army and Coronavirus

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

The calamity of Corona Virus pandemic has halted life and disturbed the whole world. May Allah protect all mankind from this pandemic. But the world is busy in usual activity. Corona Virus has not only damaged the people worldwide, it has also drifted the movements from their path. I mean Kashmir Issue has been put on back burner.

The Kashmiris are suffering two types of lockdowns. They are besieged by Indian Army and now by Corona Virus pandemic. Under the horrendous situation,  I feel it my incumbent duty to suggest that by print, electronic and social media, we must mobilize world opinion against Indian nefarious policies. We must unveil the grim face of Indian so-called democracy. The harrowing human rights violation and harassment in Kashmir must be ended.

Since August 5, 2019, India is busy in the demographic engineering to make Kashmir a Hindu State. In 1947, eighty percent population of Kashmir was of the Muslims. Now, according to the latest consensus it is sixty percent. The radicals and rascals of RSS and the present fascist regime of BJP under the leadership of a cannibal Narendra Modi are involved in genocide of the innocent and defenceless Kashmiris. The Indian Government has brought both nuclear countries to the brink of nuclear war. If the nuclear war breaks out, then the South Asia will become debris. It is the duty of UN to intervene and break the ice. The brutal, bestial, belligerent and deceitful diplomacy of India is like a besotted and besmearing pernicious plan. Under the circumstances, I suggest the following steps:

1- The Kashmir case should be dealt with in the light of Chapter 7 of the UN Charter. India is an aggressor and must be punished. Its membership must be cancelled.

2- The OIC countries should sever diplomatic relations with India and put economic sanctions on it.

3- The Muslim and the Democratic Western countries should boycott the purchase of the Indian goods. No trade with India until it implements UN resolutions and holds plebiscite under UN auspices as promised.

4- The Muslims countries must directly interfere and help the Kashmiris financially and militarily as they helped the Freedom Fighters in Afghanistan against USSR. To break the fetters of Indian yoke, let the Muslims unite. We must not depend on others. It is not only the duty of Pakistan to bear the brunt. It is the religious duty of the whole Muslim world and moral duty of the non- Muslim world. The democratic countries must take the initiative and help the Kashmiris in their genuine cause of freedom.

5- The government of Azad Kashmir may be given free hand to unveil the Indian atrocities being perpetrated on defenceless Kashmiris on international level.

6- Kashmir Desks be set up / instituted in Major and influential countries to highlight Kashmir Issue. This serious duty be assigned to Kashmiri and Pakistani lawyers , journalists and intellectuals. The traditional bureaucracy is not fit for this task.

In 1992, I had suggested the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Nawaz Sharif in Muzaffarabad in a meeting in the presence of the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Sardar Mohammad Abdul Qayyoum Khan to set up Kashmir Desks in Pakistani Embassies. Sardar Sahib was very inquisitive and involved in the Kashmir Movement. Later on, a written letter signed by the PM of Azad Kashmir was officially sent to the office of the PM of Pakistan. Virtually, he had agreed but the file sunk in the ocean of bureaucratic set up.

A few months ago, I mailed my book titled The Plight of Kashmir to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan with a letter suggesting him to constitute Kashmir Desk in all major embassies of Pakistan. It was nice of him I received a letter from his office thanking on behalf of the Prime Minister and appreciating my suggestions. I hope stringent measures will be taken in this regard. Kashmir is our life line. Pakistan is incomplete with Kashmir. Pakistan and Kashmir are inseparable. It is the letter “K“ in the word Pakistan. It is the matter of our life and death. No laxity and no compromise on Kashmir.

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