First you watch it for years, then you want to try it yourself

Stop watching pornography!

By Khoula Gohar

First you watch it for years, and then you want to try it yourself.

During the first few years you get satisfaction just by watching, but soon you want “MORE”.

This is exactly what happened not just in Zainab Rape case but most of the rape cases in Pakistan.

The rapists were mostly the porn addicts. They lived in a world of their own.

They would watch their fantasies living on the screen and would look around like hungry dogs for their target.

Let me put it this way: how many of you get hungry watching Master Chef or Delicious Cooking shows?

I often get up in the middle of the night to go get something to eat after watching the Food Panda’s ad on my screen.

What you “watch”, is what you “want”.

The human trafficking is directly related to the growing porn industry.

You can’t be “Against Trafficking” and “With Porn”. One industry supports the other.

The Pornography was initially introduced to TRAIN the trafficked women and children on how to please their masters.

It started with a person being sold for “$400” so only the rich could afford a child or woman.

Then over the years, as the demand and trafficking increased, the price per person went down to as low as “$90”, so even the men in your family can afford a trafficked child or a woman for their satanic deeds.

Women ignoring their children and husbands watching porn should be questioned about “If pornography isn’t harmful, what industry do you think is making men BELIEVE they own the bodies of all the women and children?”

So before it’s your daughter, sister or wife that is brutally raped on the streets because some man watched a clip in his bed and went out like a hungry dog in search of whoever crossed his path first, look around you, educate your brothers, educate your friends, educate everyone in your circle.

If you are a man who has women at home, educate other men. Because it’s not too far before a wandering hungry man reaches your home.

I did my part by writing about it, you do your part by sharing it further. Don’t be ashamed to talk about a social taboo.

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