India’s pugnacious intent to intimidate the Kashmiris

By Dr. Maqsood Jafri

On July 2, 2020, in an interview taken by Mr. Naeem Siddiqui on Royal TV, I shed light on the latest bestial policies of Indian occupied forces in Kashmir. An old Kashmiri who along with his 3 year old grand son was going to market to buy some items, was ferociously shot dead for no reason. This brutality was not a fortuitous but with a pugnacious intent to intimidate the Kashmiris.

On his dead body his three year old grandson is sitting and bitterly crying. His video was intently made by the Indian vile agencies to frighten the Kashmiris. A few years ago the Indian occupied forces had been cutting the throats of young Kashmiris and threw their heads in front of their doors to harass the Kashmiris. But valiantly the Kashmiris stood like rocks against the stormy ripples of time. They could not be cowed down.

The belligerent policy of Narendra Modi is inviting the wrath of God. If the world is sleeping , God is not sleeping. In the Surah ‘The Cow’ in Verse 255 Almighty Allah says: ”neither slumber nor sleep overtakes Him.” I have full faith in natural Justice. Like the communities of Noah, Ad, Samood, Shoaib and Moses, India will soon face  the wrath of God.

In Surah Al- Araf (The Heights), God describes the fate of the transgressors. India is an aggressor and eventually will meet the annoyance of Allah. But, here I want to profess that according to Dr. Iqbal, ”Living God is the God of Living Nations”.

I seek succor from God because I find the Muslim Ummah is a dead community. Allah is the sole solace and our last resort. The Muslims  are being cut like carrots and cabbages only because they are not united and are not scientific minded. Their rulers are the touts of the Western Powers. The Muslims lag behind in Science and Technology. Their clerics ( Mullahs) preach quietism, pre-destination, sectarianism and extremism. Their politicians are dishonest and short visioned. Their bureaucracy is careerist, non-conformist, corrupt and non-committed . Under the circumstances, how the Kashmiris and Palestinians can break the fetters and shackles of serfdom and subjugation?

The only plausible answer is firm Faith in Allah and pragmatic approach to solve the problems. Only Prayers are not sufficient. Prayers need practical measures. On such situation Dr. Iqbal days: “The fools prostrated in the mosques when the time of Standing in battle field came.” By it, he meant strike when the iron is hot and do not only pay lip service. Action is better than supplications. Prayers need action. Vision without action is dream and action with out vision is destruction.

We have to face the situation and face boldly and wisely the issues. Nobody will come to solve our problems. We have to cope with the situation with sagacity and practicality. On the other hand, the Quran in Surah The Cow says that God is a Living God and Powerful God. According to the Torah, the Bible and the Quran, God is omniscient and omnipresent. He can interfere. But it does not mean that God is going to fight for us or He is going to send angels to fight for us as we are the Chosen People. We have to fight our fights ourselves. We have to emancipate Kashmir and Palestine from the tenacious grip of India and Israel. But how? Can we liberate them by prayers? Never.
When God intervenes, it is called Miracle. He intervened in the case of Prophet Abraham and saved him from getting burnt in fire. He intervened in the case of Prophet Moses and saved him from getting drowned in the sea. As believers we can not reject His interference. But we must not forget that we have to plan and act and then pray for success. Without sowing seeds you can not harvest. The Quran has categorically announced: “Verily; God does not change the fate of people unless they change themselves.“ After comprehending this Verse are we going to beg from UN to resolve our issues? Or we going to pray and ask God to send angels to fight for us?
The Jews said to Moses, leave us and ask your God to fight against our enemies. I think we are repeating the same story. I say it with heavy heart that Pakistani establishment has wasted 72 years in the case of Kashmir. We have failed to mobilize the world opinion against Indian hegemony, hypocrisy and duplicity. Our embassies never bothered to take up this issue at international level. Even today, we do not have any Kashmir policy. Is it not a matter of shame that for political benefits we had a person Chairman of Kashmir Parliamentary Committee, who was a cleric and had nothing to do with Kashmir Issue and was blank about International politics?
I was Adviser to Prime Minister Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan from 1991 to 1995. He was the only person who took serious notice of Kashmir issue. He wrote books on Kashmir and addressed on international fora. On his direction, I had been addressing the youth of colleges and explaining to them Two Nation Theory and our commitment to Pakistan. The youth of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan is not satisfied with the dormant policies of Pakistan on Kashmir. There is a serious danger that these people should not turn against Pakistan like the people of Bangladesh.
Let the saner element of nation take serious notice of the imminent danger. The governments are quite oblivious of these hard facts. Alas; we are discordant, dishonest, downcast, delirious and dolorous folk. We must unite, wake up and forsake dependence on UN. I seek success and succor from God as I trust him as our savior and protector and humbly beseech the slumbering Muslims to wake up and do the deed that is their responsibility.

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