Kashmiri Americans Observe July 13th As the Martyrs Day

Kashmiri Americans Observe July 13th As the Martyrs Day

By Our Special Correspondent

Washington, D.C. July 13, 2020. World Kashmir Awareness Forum (WKAF) making earnest appeal to humanity at large, and the world powers in particular, to pay heed to the long-standing wishes and aspirations of the Kashmiri people as they observe 89th anniversary of the Martyrs Day of July 13, 1931.  Kashmiris, throughout the world, will observe the solemn Day to reaffirm their resolve to continue their struggle for self-determination, and to pay homage to over 100,000 innocent men, women and children who have and continue to sacrifice their lives for freedom of their beloved land over the 89 years since that fateful day.

WKAF believes that their suffering has not ended despite the end of the despotic Dogra dynasty rule, the fate of Kashmiris changed for the worse, as it has been replaced by tyrannies of successive Indian regimes with various garbs of democracy.

July 13 every year reminds millions of Kashmiris how the Maharaja Hari Singh’s troops took aim at each caller that stood up to call for Friday prayer service.  And by the time they were done, 22 innocent Kashmiri Muslims fell to the bullets, one after the other in cold blood, in front of Srinagar Central Jail.

Since that ominous day, Kashmiris have been holding peaceful protests, seminars and conferences throughout the world until now. But, the tyranny in Kashmir under the Hindutva nationalists has reached a new and unprecedented level of inhumanity. Kashmir has been under lockdown and communication blackout for 11 months and now it has been extended to into August. No one is allowed to venture out to commemorate the event and pay tribute to the heroes of Kashmir history.

Current Indian regime abrogated the nominal autonomy of the state of Jammu and Kashmir on August 5, 2019. It has unleashed a reign of terror unprecedented even under the barbaric Indian rule of last 72 years. Under the post-annexation regime India is implemented a settler-colonialist apartheid project in Kashmir with a drastic demographic transformation to make Kashmiris a minority in their own native country.

All Kashmiri political leaders and activists are languishing in various jails where they are being subjected to torture, isolation and healthcare deprivation and unhygienic crowded conditions. They are facing added fear of Covid-19 pandemic which is raging among jail staff and security forces. Modi regime’s goal is to totally decapitate the pollical leadership of Kashmir and it can trample any norms of decency and human dignity.

WKFM condemns today’s detention of the senior political leader of Kashmir Freedom Movement, Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai who is being detained under the infamous Public Safety Act (PSA). He is the latest high profile politician to be arrested under the PSA, notwithstanding the Covid-19 crisis in India.

World Kashmir Awareness Forum is making an urgent plea to the world powers, including US government and Congressional leaders to heed the unbearable plight of hundreds of senior Kashmiri political leaders who are suffering from serious health issues. We are also pleading with the UN Secretary General & UN High Commissioner on Human Rights, to urge India to unconditionally release all political prisoners, including Mr. Ashraf Sehrai, Mr. Yasin Malik, Mr. Mian Abdul Qayyum, Shabir Ahmed Shah, Musarat Aalam and others.

World Kashmir Awareness Forum is committed to working for the basic human and political rights of people of Jammu & Kashmir through all peaceful means, including their inalienable right to self-determination as envisaged under United nations Charter and applicable United Nations Security Council resolutions.

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