Bible’s prophecy about the “Synagogue of Satan”

Bible’s prophecy about the “Synagogue of Satan”

In 740 A.D. in a land locked between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea, known as Khazaria, a land which today is predominantly occupied by Georgia, the modern Jewish race was born. A modern Jewish race that incidentally is not Jewish.

How can this be?

Khazaria long served as a buffer state between the Byzantine Empire and both the nomads of northern steppes and the Umayyad Caliphate. They felt vulnerable as they had Muslims on one side and Christians on the other and thus constantly feared attack from either side.

Furthermore, the Khazarian people were of neither faith and instead practiced idol worship, which made them ripe for invasion by a people who wished to convert them to an established faith.

The Khazarian King, King Bulan, decided in order to protect themselves, Khazarian must convert to one of these faiths, but which one? If they accepted Islam they would risk attack by the Christians and if they converted to the Christian faith they would risk attack by the Muslims. There was another race which he thought could save him.

That race was the Jews. King Bulan decided if he instructed his people to convert to Judaism he could keep both the Muslims and the Christians happy, as they were both already willing to trade with the Jews, so this is what he did.

King Bulan was right. He would live to see his country unconquered; his people converted to Judaism enthusiastically and adopted the principles of the most holy Jewish book, the Talmud. However, there were many things the king would not live to see.

  1. He would not live to see his Asiatic race of converts to Judaism, one day represent 90% of all the Jews on the planet, and call themselves Ashkenazi Jews, when in fact they were not Jews, but simply an Asiatic race of people who converted to the Jewish religion, whilst still continuing to speak the Khazarian language of Yiddish, totally different to the language of Hebrew.
  2. He would not live to see his people turn to the descendants of a man, far more powerful than him, who would be born just over 1,000 years later in Germany, a man named Bauer, who would spawn the Rothschild dynasty.
  3. He would not live to see his people demand a homeland in Palestine as their birth right, and ensure every Prime Minister there from its inception in 1948 is an Ashkenazi Jew, even though the true homeland of the Ashkenazi Jews, Khazaria, is his kingdom, some 800 miles away.
  4. He would not live to see his people carry out the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in 1948. During the Nakba, more than half of Palestine’s native population close to 800,000 was uprooted and 531 villages were destroyed by the Zionist movement started by Theodor Herzl.
  5. He would not live to see the Rothschild dynasty usurp the wealth of the world through deception and intrigue, which they would finance through the vast riches they accumulate as they usurp the wealth of the world by gaining control of the world’s money supply.
  6. He would not live to see his people fulfil Bible’s prophecy, as the, “Synagogue of Satan.”

Research by Fidato

Reference: “The Synagogue of Satan: The Secret History of Jewish World Domination” by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

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  1. The Jews are the destroyers of nations. They say that themselves (as Maurice Samuel said in his book from the 1920s, You Gentiles).

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