The Holy Quran condemns and prohibits sectarianism

The Holy Quran condemns and prohibits sectarianism

By Professor Dr. Maqsood Jafri

I mostly post my poetry and my columns on Kashmir and on some literary and social matters. I deliberately avoid my comments and opinions on religious and sectarian issues as these are very touchy and sensitive ones.

For the last fourteen hundred years under the stone wall of monarchy and Mullahism, the Muslims are ensnared in the web of juristic and historical debated and differences and have never bothered to implement Islamic welfare state based on democracy and social justice.

For the last few months, I am watching some highly obnoxious videos of some hardliners who are spreading volcanic hatred against other sects. If this nefarious practice is not curbed and crushed, Pakistan is bound to become the cemetery of innocents due to sectarian riots. Only in this week, in Islamabad, two persons have been killed on sectarian grounds. People are constrained to think to defend themselves and raise arms. This pondering is sufficient to destroy Pakistan.

These sectarian Mullahs are financially backed by India and Israel to disintegrate and disrupt Pakistan. People have lost their trust in police, judiciary and establishment. There can be no sectarianism and terrorism, if these three departments decide to take strict action against sabotaging elements and religious extremists. In the name of Islam, we are killing each other. Shame on us. Fie on us.

In my two books in English on Islam titled “The Message of Islam “, ( Published in America) and “ The Rational Study of Islam”, I have explicitly elaborated that Islam is a way and code of life. It enjoins one to believe in One God, do good and maintain justice. Islam forbids evil deeds, tyranny and injustice. It is a simple and uncomplicated religion but has been made very complicated by retrogressive and irrational clerics.

The practical aspect of Islam has been put aside and the sectarian issues are being discussed. Some holy personalities are discussed and sectarian fiery feelings are fanned. Under the banner of Sahaba (companies of the prophet) and Ahlul Bayt ( Progeny of the Prophet PBUH), the sectarian Mullahs are playing havoc with Islam and Muslims. It must be stopped. It is the duty of the government to punish all sectarian maniacs.

For the last many years, I have been writing and speaking in conferences that all mosques must be under government control. There should be no permission for private mosques.

In the Holy Quran, there is the mention of the mosque that was built with ill intention and the Holy Prophet ordered to demolish it. It is known as Masjid- Zarrar. It was built to create Finta (sedition/ mischief) among the Muslims. Can any one show me any mosque in Pakistan where the followers of all sects can pray together? Is there no mosque for Muslims? Are the prevalent mosques only for the sects? Does Islam permit sects? Does not the holy Quran condemn and prohibit sectarianism? Then what we are up to?

I strongly appeal to the government that claims to establish ‘The State of Medina’ to introduce the basics of Islam from Class One up to BA. Every Muslim must know the basics of Islam. After that the people interested in higher studies in Islam can do MA and Ph. D and teach Islamics at schools, colleges and universities. There is no need of Mosque/Madrasa Education. They all teach sectarianism. If presently, the government can not take such radical steps and feels reluctant because of reaction of Mullahs, then modern scientific subjects such as mathematics and English language must be included in their traditional courses. In this way, the students in mosques may get some beams of rationality and moderation. There is no other way to stop the upcoming sectarian disaster in the name of Islam.  I wish our enlightened younger generation studies  Dr. Iqbal and Dr. Ali Shariati for the right and rational understanding of Islam.

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