Why Don’t Muslims Condemn Terrorism?

Why Don’t Muslims Condemn Terrorism?

By News Desk

Why Don’t Muslims Condemn Terrorism? With over one billion Muslims worldwide, we’d expect to hear more from them. But what if we’re not getting the full story?

Watch and hear Dr. William F. Vendley, a Catholic theologian, answer this contentious question. The former leader of Religions for Peace, the world’s largest multi-religious coalition working for peace in over 90 countries, Dr. Vendley shares his firsthand experience with unknown heroes who save lives every day in the name of their religion.

Currently, Dr. Vendley is Senior Advisor for Religion at the Fetzer Institute and Secretary General Emeritus Religions for Peace.

A crash course on Essentials of HRM

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  1. Salam

    All Colonies, Past and Present were Created through Terrorism of Bigger Armies with Gun Powder against bows and arrows! and are still carrying on with Weapons of Mass Destruction that goes on and on with bigger wide spread wars, Including Germ Warfare! ( RELIGION IS ONLY ONE OF THE EXCUSES NOT THE CAUSE,)

    Sincerely Syed Iftikhar Haider


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