Ukraine’s Early Harbinger of Multiculturalism: Ahatanhel Krymsky

Ukraine’s Early Harbinger of Multiculturalism: Ahatanhel Krymsky

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Pakistan and Ukraine have historical relations

Ahatanel Krymsky: Ukraine’s early harbinger of multiculturalism applauded

Islamabad – MUSLIM Institute in collaboration with Embassy of Ukraine, Islamabad and Institute of Oriental Studies by A. Krymsky, Academy of Sciences, Ukraine organizes a Webinar titled “Ukraine’s Early Harbinger of Multiculturalism: Sesquicentenary of Ahatanhel Krymsky.”

Speakers on the event included Ambassador of Ukraine to Pakistan Markian Chuchuk, Chairman MUSLIM Institute Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali, Director Institute of Oriental Studies Ukraine Dr. Hab. Alexander Bogomolov, Maj Gen (R) Zahid Mubashir Sheikh, Bagdagul Mussa from Jordan University, Prof. Hakan Kırımlı from Bilkent University Ankara, Dr. Olena Romanova, Dr. Yulia Fil from Institute of Oriental Studies Ukraine, Dr. Hab. Olena Bordilovska from Embassy of Ukraine Islamabad and Research Associate MUSLIM Institute Mr. Mohammad Hamza Iftikhar.



Speakers observed that mutual cooperation is the need of time to enhance academic research in the contemporary world for peace and prosperity. Scholars like Ahatanhel Krymsky have great contributions in promoting interfaith and intercultural studies. He authored more than 1000 academic books and works.

Being a humanist, he became a bridge between East and West, especially between the West and the Muslims. His works on Muslim languages and Crimean Tatars are much appreciated among the scholars even after one and half century. He laid the foundation of many institutes on oriental studies including Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

Speakers highlighted that Krymsky’s work on Sufism is a valuable contribution in the literature on Sufism. Renowned Sufis like Mevlana Rumi in Turkey and Hazrat Sultan Bahoo in the Subcontinent conveyed the same message of love and coexistence. Sufis message is intended for all types of people without any discrimination of colour, race, creed and language. The message of such great personalities is based upon humanity and they guide human beings towards mutual harmony and dignity.

Krymsky’s works on Sufism serve great purpose for introducing Ukrainian people with core message of Islam. Sufism remained his special focus along with Ottoman culture. Krymsky has works on aesthetic aspects of Sufi poets especially Mevlana Rumi.

Ahatanhel Krymsky was a phenomenal linguist having expertise in 34 languages. He not only understood the complexities in Arabic, Persian and Turkish text but also successfully translated these works. Krymsky served as a bridge builder between different civilizations.

By embracing the diversity of different cultures and languages we can lay the foundation of multiculturalism, peace and harmony. Krymsky’s work nurtured fruitful diversity of cultures. Multiculturalism is a way to achieve a more satisfactory intellectual, moral and spiritual existence.

Speakers further said that Krymsky laid the foundation of Modern Ukrainian culture. His works on Tatar Muslims opened new horizons for multiculturalism. Today, need of the hour is to focus on common grounds among people of different cultures and regions for peace and harmony in the society.

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