Israel-Palestine Conflict and Muslim Countries

Israel-Palestine Conflict and Muslim Countries

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

Two days ago, the President of America Donald Trump said that Sudan has agreed to recognize Israel and soon Saudi Arabia will also recognize it. It is imperative to mention that Egypt and Jordan had already recognized Israel and during the regime of Shah of Iran, Israel had very friendly relations with Iran.

Recently, Bahrain and some Gulf states have recognized Israel. The question arises as to why Trump is so insistent to get Israel recognized by the Muslim Countries? First; he wants to get the vote and support of the Jewish lobby in America as it is the strongest lobby and can effect his presidential upcoming elections. Second; his two daughters are married to Jewish guys. The Jews are his family members. He has soft corner for the Jews and also is a racist and anti-Muslims.

Recently, in a video an American official has said that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Suleman once told him that his mother was Jewish and he has no problem with the Jews. If it is the truth, then it is tantamount to the last mail in the coffin. Again the question arises as to why the Arab monarchs are all out to cement their relations with Israel? The answer is simple. They want supervision and succor of America and the West to save their callous monarchies.

In the name of Arab Spring , America and the West totally destroyed Iraq and Libya. Saddam Hussain and Col. Qaddafi were accused to violate human rights. In the name of true democracy, these two leaders were put to death. I have recently visited Iraq and seen the devastation and destruction of Iraq by NATO forces.

In 1983, I had participated in an International Peace Conference in Benghazi, Libya chaired by Col. Qaddafi. He had changed the life style of the people and introduced reforms and made Libya a social welfare state. My book titled “Third Universal” encompasses his political, social, economic and educational reforms. It was published in 1999.

How about the Arab monarchs? Are they democratic? Are they not the violators of human rights? Are they not suffocating democracy? If so, then why they are being defended and supported? Why double standards? As these monarchs are the stooges and the yeomen, hence free to do as they want.

Let me briefly throw light on the Palestine Issue. In my book titled “The Testament of Truth”, published in 1992, I had discussed this issue in detail. I had supported the stance of Palestinian Leader Yasir Arafat, who had stood for a “Democratic Palestine”. By this pronouncement, he accepted and acknowledged the rights of the Muslims, the Jews and the Christians and dreamt to make Palestine a peaceful democratic state. But, the Jews never accepted his proposal as they have heinous expansionist designs.

It was Theodore Herzel, who in 1886 at Basel in Switzerland wrote a pamphlet and gave the idea of a Zionist State. It must be mentioned that Zionism is altogether different from Judaism. The soft and moderate Jews reject the creation of Israel and disagree with the Zionists. So many Jews have met me in New York, who opposed the creation of Israel in the name of Judaism. They believe that there is no prophesy of a Jewish State in The Torah.

The British ruled over Palestine from 1918 to 1948 and with the help and consent of Russia and America created Israel to control and contain the Muslims. Quaid-e-Azam condemned the creation of Israel. Theodore Herzel in his pamphlet writes: “Might is right. We will be for Europe.” It clearly manifests Machiavellian mind set. It is a devilish plan to establish Greater Israel in which Makkah and Medina are also included. In the battle of Khyber, the Jews were defeated and persecuted for breaking the pact and pledge made with the prophet of Islam. The Jews intend to get back their Lost Land in Medina but the short sighted and self- centered Muslim rulers are oblivious of the ground realities and their pernicious plans.

The American presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton did their best to resolve the Middle East Issue amicably but failed because of the adamancy and stubbornness of Israeli leadership. The UN Security Council had passed the resolution on November 29, 1949, and declared “Two State Notion” as the amicable solution of the issue. The OSLO Pact also declared Two State Notion: the State of Palestine and the State of Israel as two independent states.

Israel was declared as a sovereign state on May, 1948. Since then, Israel has not acceded to UN resolutions and is an aggressor. The atrocities being perpetrated on defenseless Palestinians are unprecedented and the so called Western Democratic world is deaf and dumb. The same is the attitude of UN, America and the West about Kashmiris. The Palestine and Kashmir Issues are on the agenda of UN for the past seven decades. The Muslims are disunited and their rulers are seeking refuge under the umbrella of the imperialists. What a tragedy? The only solution of the Muslims problems lies in the end of monarchies and in attaining economic and political freedom and advancement in technology. Otherwise they will perish like dry leaves. Presently in the given situation, the democratic Muslim countries must unite and make a bloc with China and Russia for the resolution of their issues.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Voice of East.

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