Kashmiris express solidarity with Turkey after magnitude 6.6 earthquake hits Izmir

Kashmiris express solidarity with Turkey after magnitude 6.6 earthquake hits Izmir

By News Desk

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A strong earthquake of 6.6 magnitude in Izmir and neighboring provinces Turkey killed at least 12 and injured more than 500 people. Countless persons are trapped under the debris of the fallen buildings in the area. The United States Geological Survey has reported that hundreds of after shocks were felt as far as Athens and Istanbul. The Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of Turkey has immediately deployed its teams to the region for search and rescue operations.

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Secretary General, World Kashmir Awareness Forum has said that the nation of Kashmir expresses its heartfelt sympathy with the affected families and conveys condolences with the victims of this terrible disaster. There is no doubt that this earthquake has shaken the very conscience of the people in Turkey and beyond, particularly in Pakistan and Kashmir.

The nation of Kashmir has seen the best of the people of Turkey when earthquake of magnitude 7.8 hit Azad Kashmir in 2005. We saw the disaster preparedness of the Turkish volunteers in the relief activities, emergency shelter and tents for hospitals and schools.

In the hour of need of Kashmiri nation, Turkish brothers and sisters have proved to be the symbol of generosity, kindness and humanity.

I am sure that majority of the Muslim organizations all over the world will agree with me to express their appreciation to the nation of Turkey – the nation that has always been there in many natural disasters, be it Tsunami in Indonesia, persecution of Rohingya Muslims, Gaza Freedom Flotilla, etc.

Today, it is our responsibility to come to help the people in the region of Izmir and beyond in whatever way and shape we can.

Let us pray that all those affected families have the mercy of Almighty Allah! Ameen.

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