Kashmir, Pakistan and the issue of self-determination

Kashmir, Pakistan and the issue of self-determination

By Professor Dr Imtiaz Khan

All these years since the division of Indian sub-continent Pakistan has been considered as exponent for right of self-determination in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) and bulwark against Indian tyranny. People of Kashmir have always looked towards Pakistan with the hope that this is the nation which will enable them to break their shackles of slavery and steer them to the path of freedom from Indian occupation. But in the recent years, some of the enigmatic statements and actions emerging from that country have created serious doubts in the Kashmiri minds. One of the recent examples is the seminar which was conducted at the prestigious venue of Islamabad and addressed by senior most officials of Government of Pakistan. To the utter dismay of all the freedom loving people of Kashmir the topic of discussion was “Restoration of autonomy and peace in IOK”. This is a serious drift from the usual stand taken by the government of Pakistan: which is right of self determination for people of Kashmir as promised by United Nations Security Council resolutions.

This could be dismissed as a lone incident and diplomatic faux pas by the Foreign office of Pakistan. However, there are some recent incidents which present a serious conundrum for people of the region and they remain mystified about the current policies of Pakistani government as regards to Kashmir problem. To quote one or two examples Foreign Minister Qureshi not a long-time ago praised the post 370 abrogation stand taken by Farooq Abdullah. In a very recent interview on GNN TV when asked about Kashmir issue, Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that Indians have started realizing their mistake of abrogating article 370 and they have released some of the Kashmiri leaders.

The Prime Minister is totally misinformed and Indians have not shown any such remorse. The fact of the matter is that till today almost all the pro freedom leaders are languishing in Indian jails and only people who have been set free are politicians like Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti who favour accession of Kashmir to India. They are toxic to the cause and should not be touched even with a barge pole. These politicians are lackeys of Indian government  and raise their voices only when they are deprived of plum posts. Once the goal is achieved they happily dance to their tunes and willingly collaborate in the decisions that are highly detrimental to the cause of self-determination. This should be made emphatically clear to higher echelons in the Pakistani government.

There should be a unwavering support for right of self-determination for the Kashmiri people. Under no circumstances the deviation from this stand should be allowed. Freedom of speech should be practiced but not at the cost of national security. In this regard I want to quote the manuscript authored by Dr. Moeed Yusuf who currently serves as National Security Advisor to Government of Pakistan. In this paper Dr. Yusuf states:

”Our analysis suggests that the dispute may be more ‘ripe’ for resolution today than it has ever been in the past. For the first time in the dispute’s history, there is growing convergence over a core element of the solution, i.e. granting autonomy to Kashmiris.”

This kind of thought process is highly supportive of previous Indian stand on Kashmir and should be unequivocally castigated, chastised, discouraged. This is a flagrant violation of United Nation’s resolution and any individual in the government or opposition should be issued a public opprobrium for digressing from the official stand of Pakistan

Overall it can be construed that in the recent years Pakistan has exhibited lackadaisical and slapdash approach towards Kashmir problem and it is the demand of the hour that their policies need to undergo radical transformation. It is undeniable that over the years Pakistan has paid immense price both in terms of men and material in fighting for Kashmir cause but over the last several years their actions have been languid and have not proven to be fruitful.

In the prevailing situation we have to do a serious brainstorming to determine the strategy needed to counter this problem. Some of the measures need to be avoided. We should not put all the emphasis on human right issues and ignoring right of self-determination. Human right abuses are the symptoms of struggle for right of self-determination, which is the main ailment. The solution to the problem cannot be attained by addressing the symptoms alone. You have to take care of the ailment.

I want to state that I have been scientific writer since last 25 years. During this period, I have both submitted and reviewed grants. Any proposal which is deemed to cause incremental advancement in  the field gets kiss of death. Also the grant which is categorized as overambitious gets triaged. So we need proposals which are well balanced and enable to move the field forward.

Overall we should bring about a paradigm shift as far as this issue is considered. Obviously old strategies have not brought our goals to fruition and new course needs to be adopted. The question which demands strong attention is what steps Pakistan should  take which can lead the people of Kashmir to exercise their right to self-determination. Appreciating their limitations, albeit certain of these measures may result in positive outcomes and prove beneficial in the current situation:

A national consensus on Kashmir should be developed in Pakistan including both representatives of government and all opposition parties. This has not happened so far and onus of taking initiative in this direction lies on the party in power. They should set aside there political bickering and speak on this issue with one voice.

There should be both long-term and short-term policy on the issue. Currently it appears that decisions are taken in an arbitrary manner without any road map. “No success without strategy”. Time is of essence and these steps should be taken with minimal delay. Indian government every other day is introducing fresh barbaric laws in IOK.

The mention about Kashmir issue should not be restricted to ceremonial occasions like Black Day (Oct 27), Kashmir Day (Feb. 5) or July 13. I must mention here that at present every day in Kashmir is a “black day”. There should be a round the year plan for Kashmir which may be subjected to change with emerging situation.

Just taking out processions on the streets of major Pakistani cities on ceremonial occasions with sloganeering and chest thumping crowd may not yield tangible results. There should be strong effort to extract support from international community. Foreign Minister of Pakistan should lead a delegation to important countries and acquaint them about the problem and expostulate eloquently  about the consequences of leaving this issue unresolved. We should remember during East Pakistan problem in 1971, Indira Gandhi who was the Prime Minister of India at that time took a whirlwind tour of major countries of the world  and adequately articulated the case of India in front of these governments.

Time and again we have emphasized that Pakistan should have a special desk on Kashmir in all the major embassies of the be the world so that any new development is communicated rapidly to the foreign offices of these governments.  We were informed by the foreign minister Qureshi that such desks exist, but this is not the case in Washington  embassy. Based on this information I am highly skeptical about their presence in other countries.

On several occasions Pakistan has been requested to approach and register a case against India at International Court of Justice for crimes against humanity. There is formidable evidence for the crimes like existence of mass graves, use of pellet guns, gang rapes for which India should be held accountable.

Under no circumstances Gilgit Baltistan should be annexed to Pakistan. This will provide unwanted legitimacy to Indian actions and they will throw a full media blitz on this issue.

I am sorry for going overboard as I found to difficult to present my thoughts in limited space. My heart is broken due to the current dilemma we are facing. I remember my father who was ardent lover of the freedom movement. This is during early nineties when the movement was in full steam. One day while sipping tea I found him in a sombre mood. When I asked him if everything was okay he told me and I quote “Imtiaz I think I may not live the day when Kashmir attains the freedom but I am sure you will get to set your foot on the land of Kashmir bereft of foreign occupation”. Unfortunately, today the idea of free Kashmir remains a mirage, a distant dream. Let us hope there is a divine intervention and my children get a chance.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Voice of East.

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