Indian Disinformation Campaign Exposed – The International Community Must Respond

Indian Disinformation Campaign Exposed – The International Community Must Respond

The Indian concocted and maliciously fabricated nefarious propaganda against Pakistan to present it before world community as a terrorist state has been unearthed and exposed by EU Disinfo Lab. Its irresponsible and undemocratic posture and position has been unveiled before the world for its gruesome visage both, in India and Kashmir.
India claims to be the largest democracy in South Asia and boasts to be an exponent and proponent of democratic, liberal and secular norms but has proven the actor of State Terrorism. Worldly renowned American thinker Professor Noam Chomsky has stated on December 17, 2020 that India is a natural member of the “reactionary international, most bitterly attacking and destroying democracy.” He warned that the world at the moment is at confluence of four severe crises: threat of nuclear war, environment catastrophe, deterioration of democracy world wide and Covid19.
It is pertinent to mention that India is enmeshed in the four ills mentioned by this great political thinker. Due to obstinate human rights violations by India, anti-India sentiment runs deep in Kashmir and in democratic world. Reports by a  number of human rights Watchdogs, over the recent years, have significantly helped in highlighting the gross human rights violations in Kashmir, including the Human Rights Commission reports of 2018 and 2019, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Physicians for Human Rights, European Parliament and the All-Party Parliamentary Group of the UK Parliament have also issued separate reports on human rights violations by the Indian troops in occupied Kashmir.
In an other damning report the United Nations’ High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet expressed concern over restrictions on Non-Governmental Organizations, arrest of political activists and implication of the Citizenship Amendment Act by India. Ms. Bachelet drew attention to the arrest and continued detention of the 83-year-old Catholic priest Stan Swamy, a long-standing activist engaged in defending the rights of marginalized groups, despite his poor health.
A December 9, 2020 report by a Brussels based NGO EU DisinfoLab is the tip of the iceberg. An 80 page investigative report has revealed how India used fake media outlets, defund think tanks, NGOs and even a dead human rights activist to target Pakistan.
I deem it my national and moral duty to appraise and praise the contribution of Iqbal Khan, a columnist of daily The Patriot, who regularly and effectively writes on the issues of Kashmir and unveils the gruesome face of Indian atrocities being perpetrated on defenceless Kashmiris. In his column dated December 19, 2020, he writes:
”According to the report, there is a vast network of fake media outlets, think tanks and NGOs serving Indian interests. An earlier report had previously uncovered the Indian propaganda body, carrying out anti-Pakistan activities and cyber warfare against Pakistan led by Srivastava group of India and propagated by the Indian news agencies ANI, since 2005.”
The Indian army is planning yet another false flag operation on the pretext of fake encounter of three Kashmiri detainees, already held in Police custody at Kishtwar District of Occupied Kashmir. The operation is aimed at crafting fabricated stories against Pakistan. Aptly responding to Indian military threat the Chief of Pakistan Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa is already on record for warning the world community of an imminent false flag operation from India to divert world attention away from its ongoing genocide in IOK. Besides, DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar In an interview with a local news channel in June 2020, advised the Indian leadership not to play with fire. He said:
“According to the security sources India was desperate after facing repeated humiliations at various international fora on its gruesome human rights records , and particularly after the huge leak by the EU DisinfoLab regarding Indian Chronicles. India is frantically making efforts to cover up its tracks by launching an aggressive hybrid war against Pakistan.”
Here, it seems incumbent to mention that India on daily basis is attacking on the innocent Kashmiri civilians living across the border and indiscriminately killing them. The so-called secular state that always bragged to be the champion of the socialist doctrine of its first Prime Minister and leader Mr. Nehru is thrashing out the poor farmers on their genuine demands. The government of Narendra Modi has become a hostage by the long strike of farmers which continues to gain momentum with the joining of transport and other suppressed sectors of society.
It goes without saying that the intentions of extremist government of India are threatening the peace in the region. The Hindutva mindset is a racial and religious extremism. The agenda of Modi is based on hatred and Indian government steps have exposed its being a fascist state. It is sorrowful that the international community is mute, dumb, deaf and silent on the atrocious acts of India. Worst treatment with the minorities by Modi regime has indeed endangered the regional peace and stability. India can not hoodwink the world by its deceptive designs.
India is acting like an unharnessed horse. Besides, targeting the Kashmiri civilians on border, recently it targeted the UN vehicle near Rawalakot on LoC. The UN has confirmed that a vehicle of its Military Observer Group was hit by an unidentified object near Rawalakot on the Pakistani side of Line of Control.
Speaking at the regular briefing in New York, UN Deputy Spokesperson Farhan Haq said the incident occurred when military observers were conducting routine monitoring activities. Targeting the vehicle of UN military observers is the height of Indian madness and brutality. But the question arises; why the UN is not taking punitive measures against Indian aggression? The misadventures of India must be halted and curbed. No minority including Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Dalits are safe in India. The whole world is witness to it that how callously the Muslims were massacred in Gujarati when Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. In Delhi riots numberless Muslims were brutally killed and their properties on large scale were looted and ransacked.
Pakistan has presented undeniable and solid evidence before the world through the Dossier about Indian sponsorship of terrorism inside Pakistan and its perpetration of atrocities on defenceless and docile Kashmiris.
Under the shameless attitude of India in world polity, what ought to be done. India and Israel are on one page under the protection of America. We have to lobby in America and the West and mobilize the world opinion against Indian aggression. We must contact the people, the journalists and the opinion makers and convince them that India is an aggressor. Pakistan is the victim of aggression.
By adopting the resolutions, the UN General Assembly has reaffirmed our legal, political and moral case in support of all peoples, including the Kashmiris, to struggle for the Self- determination against foreign occupation by all means available to them. The resolution also declared the General Assembly ‘s firm opposition to acts of foreign military intervention, aggression and occupation, since these have resulted in the suppression of the rights of peoples to Self-determination.
I optimistically hope that the noose around the neck of India is tightened and the pride of India is vanquished forever.


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