Islam: The Religion of Future

Islam: The Religion of Future

By News Desk

Islamabad: The Chairman of Pakistan Justice Council Dr Maqsood Jafri addressing a group of young scholars said that Islam is the religion of future. Islam is rapidly spreading in America and Europe but the hindrance in its way is Islamic fundamentalists who are painting Islam as terrorism.

He asserted that Communism, monarchy and fascism are the offshoots of inhuman and undemocratic legacies. He quoted several excerpts from his two English books titled “The Message of Islam”, and “The Rational Study of Islam”, asserting that Islam is a moderate, peace-abiding, rational, natural, fraternal, universal and humanistic religion but unfortunately, it has also like other religions has been made the victim of retrogression, irrationality, pseudo mysticism and sectarianism.

We need soul searching and rational approach to solve social, economic and political issues. We will have to shun juristic differences and historical controversies. We need to implement Islamic tenets and establish a welfare state based on social justice and democratic Norms. Dr Maqsood Jafri appealed to the younger generation to study Islam with rational and progressive mind set.

He cited the verse of the Quran about the fate of the atheists. The Quran about them says; “For he did not believe in Allah, the Most High, nor did he urge the feeding of the poor.” From this verse it is clear that a true believer is the one who has firm faith in Monotheism and Social Justice. Then in Surah “Al- Humaza”(The Slanderer) and in Surah “Al-Maun” (Acts of Kindness), the amassers of wealth who do not help the orphans and poor people are warned and cursed and are called the permanent inhabitants of Hell.

The sole message of the Holy Quran swings around the orbit of Tuheed (Monotheism). Monotheism provides us inner peace and contentment. It is an inspiring faith that strengthens our psyche. One God means oneness of mankind. God is our Healer, Sustainer, Protector and the foundation of faith. The head that bows before God, does not bow before any non- God. Monotheism rejects dictatorship, autocracy, and monarchy.

The other candid message of the Holy Quran is the establishment of a state based on Justice. Justice is a many faceted term. It covers and encompass several sides of human affairs but two are pre-requisites for the establishment of an Islamic welfare state. First; Political Justice. It means freedom of speech and religion  and promotes democracy. Second; Social Justice. It means parity, equity and equality.

The Islamic State is bound to provide basic necessities to all citizens which unfortunately, we don’t find in any Muslim State. Dr Maqsood Jafri stressed on the need of establishing an Islamic welfare state and asked the educated younger generation to eject sectarianism, fanaticism and extremism. He said Islam needs rational thinkers to interpret Islamic principles in the light of Ijtehad.

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