Women’s Economic Empowerment And Allama Iqbal’s Perspective Of Labour Rights

Women’s Economic Empowerment And Allama Iqbal’s Perspective Of Labour Rights

By News Desk

The School of Iqbal Studies, NUML in collaboration with MUSLIM Institute organized a webinar titled “Women’s Economic Empowerment and Allama Iqbal’s Perspective of Labour Rights” in connection with International Labour Day 2021 under the auspices of Higher Education Commission.

Amongst distinguished speakers were Dr. Aliya Sohail Khan, VC Rawalpindi Women University, Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali, Chairman MUSLIM Institute, Dr. Humaira Shahbaz Principle Investigator NRPU, NUML, Dr. Syed Waqas Ali Kausar HoD, G&PP Department NUML, and Dr. Amber Yasmin, Co Principle Investigator NRPU, NUML.

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Speakers observed that equal rights of women are the fundamental human rights. Women’s constructive role can build progressive force in a society. Islam provides respectful place to women to live. Men and women are equal in the light of Islam. However, misinterpretation of women empowerment and negative propagation led some organizations and their sponsors propagate the agenda against the cultural and religious norms of our society. Most of them are not sincere to the cause of women empowerment rather they make it controversial by instigating an alien faction in our society. Contrary to the picture portrayed by the different elements, true potential and talent of our women can be witnessed in academia and other fields. Therefore, religious spiritual values should not be targeted on the name of women empowerment.

Speakers further said that Allama Iqbal has presented an excellent concept of modesty especially while presenting Hadrat Fatima (R.A) as ideal woman. Fatima Bint Abdullah of Tripoli was praised by Iqbal who fought in war ground along with her brothers. Iqbal studied ancient and modern philosophy but his teachings are based on Islam. Iqbal emphasized equity for women. Women occupies important place in Iqbal teachings.

Labour rights are all about human rights especially and labour rights of women. Empowerment of women and girls is critical to building stable, democratic societies; protecting human rights; fostering international peace and security; growing vibrant market economies; addressing pressing health and education challenges.

According to international human rights organizations, research initiatives are effective in this regard. Policy interventions are required to empower women labour in Pakistan as their marginalization is structural and requires sincere attention from cross section of society. Institutional interventions are required to build their capacities for public leadership and civil society to influence policies for their betterment.

Academia needs to play role in deconstructing stereotypes related to women empowerment, and explore further the social and cultural factors impeding their emancipation and capacity.


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  1. I think there is a need to talk more about equity of women vs equality of women.


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