The New Orwellian World Based On Control And Surveillance

The New Orwellian World Based On Control And Surveillance

By Sonja van den Ende

I wrote about it many times and we can see it’s progressing, but only in the so-called developed world: a dystopian society, which is doomed to fail, eventually. A world of surveillance, health-dictatorship, QR codes, cashless payments and for most people unliveable; it resembles the old systems like fascism or totalitarian communism, in a new outfit. I call it a technocratic government based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), a totalitarian system. But all systems and ideologies that become totalitarian will fail eventually as history has taught us.

A lot of evidence about the dystopian new society based on the so-called pandemic, or as I would call it a new technocratic dictatorial system, has been put in place in many parts of the developed world. Tests for this new worldwide social credit system have been performed in Africa. As I wrote before experiments are conducted in Africa to implement this social credit system, based on a pandemic, with the cooperation of GAVI, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and with the World Economic Forum. They ironically call it a “Wellness-pass”, mind you in Africa! How utopian can you get! As we all know by now (I sincerely hope many are awake) it was never about a virus, but about control, smart cities, electrical cars, and this is where Africa will be exploited again for Lithium. Same will happen in Afghanistan. This is why the Western world had to withdraw. It was not about Afghanistan as a territory, or helping the people, but about Lithium. Build Back Better, depopulation of the world, which Bill Gates and especially his father are experts in doing, are all part of the new dystopian world.

Even the Catholic Church is involved in this great experiment not only in Africa since many years, but also in the Western world. After years of child abuse and paedophilia scandals, they are just continuing with their unchristian policies. But we must not forget that the Catholic Church is an outgrowth of the Roman Empire, or as many these days call it the British Empire. Basically they are the same; it’s all about the Western unipolar ideology and colonialism with all their excesses. So the church, i.e. the Catholic, is involved in this dystopian new world, because they have a lot of money and have their own state called the Vatican. The Protestant church is not in this position and is now seen as an ‘enemy’ of the state, especially in the Netherlands. The Dutch government has now started their ‘soft approach’ to persecute the Protestants, a deja-vu is emerging about the times of the Huguenots. It is actually the descendants of these Huguenots who will suffer the same fate again, now in the countries they had chosen centuries ago to be free and where people are tolerant. In the Netherlands these Protestants will be forced into lockdowns, because many of them, on religious grounds, won’t be vaccinated. Also, the Dutch government has started a research project (with organizations) to establish if the Protestant church was involved in slavery in the Dutch East Indies. Of course they were; the whole of society was in those days, but the biggest criminals, just like now, are the rich, the elite and the Dutch royal family, who pretend to be Christian, but this Christianity is just a show, a performance for the ignorant citizens.

The Dutch parliament rejected a motion that various parties, including Forum for Democracy (FVD) submitted against the introduction of a social credit system in the Netherlands. The government can now legally introduce the social credit system, which they have already started, of course, by introducing the so-called QR Corona pass. The next step is the Co2 level and the measurement of eating meat and eventually censoring the Internet, by introducing a digital pass, putting on your existing pass to use the internet. The European Union (EU) Social Credit System will be much worse than the Chinese experiment, which was only conducted in a few cities. The EU social credit system is about total control, about your body, your behaviour, your private life and eventually about your physical life. When you don’t comply, there will be no mercy and no help. Your life will be like a wanderer, without any benefits and the life as you know it, will end.

In other parts of the Western world, like in Australia, the dystopian society has become reality already. Australia with its past and present and being part of the British Empire (BE) and under the influence of the US, is preparing for a conflict with China. Australia is nearest to China and we all know that their new “AUKUS”, a new so-called security pact between the UK, the US and Australia is seen as an effort to counter China. To be prepared and outsmart China, they have already started with their draconian social credit system and what is worse, their surveillance state has become a reality. Alarming reports are coming out of the country which was once called the land of the free, and is now the most repressive country in the Western world and I wonder where Amnesty International or Human Right are? Of course, they will not report. They are a tool of the same Western world, reporting only about non-complying countries like Russia, Syria or the underdeveloped countries. But Australia was always a ‘racist’ country built on the principles of murdering the Aboriginals and sending criminals to their conquered land. Canada is another example, in a different way than Australia but with the same ideology. Of course, the uttermost worst country is the so-called democracy of Israel, where life is “hell” for most citizens, it was already worse for Palestinians, but now especially for the Orthodox Jews as well.


I would like to write a conclusion, but can we make a conclusion? I guess not, the world as we are experiencing it today, is unstable, full of conflict and polarization, with many geopolitical differences. I am afraid we are back in the roaring twenties of the last century which resulted in the grim thirties, unemployment, the introduction (by force) of a new system, designed by the elite of the Western world. Like now It’s ripe for conflict and most likely war, not like WWII but a different war, biological warfare (maybe we are already experiencing this), depopulation agenda, implemented by vaccinations and biological warfare and the introduction of AI. Eugenics (not new) is necessary according to the elite, like in the two world wars were eugenics happened through killing of soldiers on the battlefield and of course the holocaust. Now according to the elite there are too many mouths to feed and no jobs and of course the elite will not share their money with the poor. A dark time in human history has come again.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Voice of East.

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