Digital Advertising Trucks Flash Kashmir Freedom Messages In Washington And New York

Digital Advertising Trucks Flash Kashmir Freedom Messages In Washington And New York

By Our Special Correspondent

New York, Oct 28, 2021 (APP): The World Kashmir Awareness Forum (WKAF), a Washington-based advocacy body, rented digital advertising trucks — one in New York and other in Washington — displaying sharp messages about Indian atrocities in Kashmir and demanding an end to the disputed state’s occupation.

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The electronic screens on the trucks carry messages such as: “Kashmir under Indian siege: Knocking at world Conscience”, “Indian occupied Kashmir: World’s most militarized zone,” “Stop Genocide in Kashmir, “End Indian Colonization of Kashmir”, “India criminalizes press freedom in Kashmir”, “Indian Army Out, Out”, “Hold India accountable for war crimes in Kashmir”, and “Freedom for all, freedom for Kashmir”

The trucks appeared on the two cities’ roads on Oct. 27, the darkest day in Kashmir’s history when India sent in its troops in 1947 to occupy the state.

Digital advertising trucks are considered to be the most effective way to spread a message as the brightly lit words on the screens catch attention of the people walking on the streets and those coming in and out of government and commercial buildings.

“Our objective was to target the audience at the right places and we were able to control the location where most of the people were able to notice our messages aimed at promoting the cause of Kashmir”, Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Secretary-General of the forum told APP.

The route of digital truck in Washington included: All federal buildings, including the State Department; the Capitol Hill; Library of Congress; The Washington Monument; The White House; various Museums; Lincoln Memorial; Washington National Cathedral; the Indian Embassy; the World Bank and IMF.

The forum also held a protest in front of the Indian Embassy in Washington on Wednesday to mark the Black Day.

In New York, the digital advertising truck went round and round the United Nations headquarters, Indian Mission; Indian Consulate; Times Square; Freedom Tower; among other locations.

The forum also had a protest in New York along with Kashmir Mission USA at Times Square. (APP/ift).

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