Pakistan-Indonesia Bilateral Ties: Exploring Untapped Potentials

Pakistan-Indonesia Bilateral Ties: Exploring Untapped Potentials

By News Desk

On 1st November 2021, a Young Scholar Discussion on the topic “Pakistan-Indonesia Bilateral Ties: Exploring Untapped Potentials” was jointly organized by Center for Global & Strategic Studies (CGSS), Islamabad and The Embassy of Republic of Indonesia, Pakistan at Rawalpindi.

His Excellency Mr. Adam Mulawarman Tugio, Ambassador of Indonesia to Pakistan in his Keynote address stated that this debate will open up new avenues for the students of Indonesia and Pakistan. Main aim of such discussions is to provide exposure to the students that will enhance their communication, analytical and critical skills. His Excellency also stated that such initiatives alleviate bilateral relations between the two countries and boosts people to people contact. He further stated that the Pakistani students are the biggest recipients of Indonesian scholarships.  His Excellency appreciated the efforts of CGSS in organizing activities for the students for the enhancement of their soft and communication skills. His Excellency stated that Pakistan and Indonesia should collaborate more at Think Tank level. There are several prospects for collaboration at academic and institutional level. His Excellency also sated that this event can be considered as an exercise where the youth can provide their input on how both the countries can further cement their bilateral relations.

Brig. Abid Hussain Bhutta (Retd), Member Board of Experts CGSS in his address stated that Pakistan and Indonesia have tremendous potential which have grown with the passage of time. Pakistan and Indonesia have enhanced their cooperation and have become strength of each other. He further stated that people to people contact is the foundation of strength of relations between two countries.

The discussion was based on three main themes which were

  • Pakistan and Indonesia: Ideas for Strengthening Bilateral Ties
  • Using Media as a Tool for Public Diplomacy: Case Study of Pakistan and Indonesia
  • Pakistan-ASEAN: Shared Future and Way Forward.

Students of Bachelors level from Indonesia and Pakistan participated and shared their analysis with the audience. During the discussion, young scholars mentioned that Pakistan and Indonesia’s bilateral relations are deeply rooted in mutual respect and support at regional and global level. Pakistan attaches great importance to its relations with Indonesia the foundation of which was laid by late President Sukarno and his contemporary leadership in Pakistan including Quaid-e-Azam. Late President Sukarno provided unprecedented support to Pakistan in the past. Discussing Pakistan-ASEAN Relations, panellists mentioned that Pakistan provides the ASEAN regional states the shortest route to global sea trade. Pakistan and ASEAN agreed to cover cooperation in many areas including trade; industry; investment; environment; science and technology; drugs and narcotics; tourism and human resources development.

Young scholars also discussed that bilateralism is the conduct of political, economic, or cultural relations between two sovereign states. It is in contrast to unilateralism or multilateralism, which is activity by a single state or jointly by multiple states, respectively. When states recognize one another as sovereign states and agree to diplomatic relations, they create a bilateral relationship.

Public diplomacy is no longer defined as intergovernmental diplomacy, but can become P2P or people to people because the implementers and targets of public diplomacy can become public itself. It was also discussed that ASEAN’s success as a regional organization and East Asia’s undisputed economic potential have long been recognized, with states from different parts of the world wishing to strengthen their engagement with ASEAN. Pakistan is no exception. In line with Pakistan’s “Vision East Asia” policy, Pakistan has worked tirelessly to forge a closer partnership with ASEAN.

The debate was moderated and supervised by Ms. Laraib Fatima Hassan, Communication & Coordination Executive, CGSS, and Mr. Boy Dharmawan, Minister Counsellor/Political Function, The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, Islamabad. The event was attended by 80 participants.

Following young scholars from Pakistan and Indonesia participated:

  1. Fina Farhani
  2. Tata Auniyrahman
  3. Acyntya Pararsa
  4. Fuji Vikriansyah
  5. Ihza Kaustar
  6. Naufal Laudza
  7. Zohra Asif, International Islamic University, Islamabad
  8. Aneesa Abid, Bahria University, Islamabad
  9. Kainat Saif , Student of Law at International Islamic University, Islamabad
  10. Ehsan Khan, Punjab University, Lahore
  11. Sumayya Khan, Bahria University, Islamabad
  12. Haleema Asad, Bahria University, Islamabad


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