Maqbool Bhat Was An Institution By Himself

Maqbool Bhat Was An Institution By Himself

By Our Special Correspondent

Washington, DC. February 11, 2022 – “Government of India could jail Shaheed Maqbool Bhat and silence him by execution, but they could not silence his ultimate desire – the struggle for the people of Kashmir for self-determination. The spirit of Maqbool Bhat is alive. Today, he is an inspiration to millions of Kashmiris and those striving for human rights and human dignity. Since his execution, February 11 has been observed by all Kashmiris as a black day of mourning for the martyr of a brave Kashmiri statesman. 11 February is a sombre day but at the same time a day of remembrance and a day to revitalize our resolve to be true to the mission of Martyr Maqbool Bhat. He was an institution by himself, an essayist, a columnist and certainly one of the most recognizable son of the soil,” said Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai, Chairman, Washington-based World Forum for Peace & Justice.

Fai explained that Maqbool Butt was hanged by India’s authorities for protesting their illegal and iron-fisted occupation of Kashmir since 1947. He had previously been tortured and inhumanely imprisoned in the disputed territory of Kashmir. His courage, however, demonstrated such savagery would backfire, and intensify the Kashmiri resistance.

“Maqbool Bhat’s life has inspired countless Kashmiris to persist in the struggle for self‑determination. His vision of an unrestricted self‑ determination on its sovereign destiny did not die with his death. He gave his life for the cause because he believed in it with all sincerity and honesty. He gave a lesson to the generations to come that it is very hard but only choice to accept martyrdom instead of slavery. While we must pay rich tributes to the memory of this great martyr, our true tribute will be emancipation of the Kashmiri people from under the Indian brutal occupation and senseless subjugation” Fai emphasized.

Maqbool Butt was undoubtedly, a selfless leader and above all a giant freedom-fighter. He was a person of vision, and always pro-Kashmir. The moral high ground was everything to him. His formula for Kashmir was simple but powerful – The aspirations of the Kashmiri people must be ascertained.

Maqbool Butt was certainly a charismatic leader who gave his today for the betterment of tomorrow. The sacrifice of Shaheed Maqbool Bhat will never be wasted. The blood of Kashmiri martyrs brings the goal for freedom and justice nearer.

We demanded that the Government of India return the mortal remains of Shaheed Maqbool Bhat and Shaheed Afzal Guru to their relatives in Kashmir. It has been a sacrilege to have kept them in India for thirty-seven callous years respectively

Fai urged everybody to take a leaf from the long history of Kashmir which is full of trials and tribulations. Those who contemplate on the past will ultimately come closer to achieve their objective – the freedom for the people of the State of Jammu & Kashmir. Therefore, we must intensify our activities so that his mission remains alive

Dr Fai is the Chairman, Washington-based ‘World Forum for Peace & justice’.


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