Those Involved In Lettergate Should Be Arrested For Treason – General Tariq Khan (retd)

Those Involved In Lettergate Should Be Arrested For Treason – General Tariq Khan (retd)

By News Desk

Lieutenant General Tariq Khan (HI) is a retired Pakistan Army general officer who was the Commander of I Strike Corps at Mangla. A war hero, he has been the Inspector General of the Frontier Corps from September 2008 till October 2010. He has also commanded the 1st Armoured Division in Multan from 2006 to 2007 and then the 14th Infantry Division in South Waziristan till 2008. Khan gained fame when he led the Frontier Corps to victory against Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in the Battle of Bajaur in 2009.

He took to social media after Islamabad High Court stopped PM Imran Khan from showing the infamous letter which was a proof of foreign interference in Pakistan. He had some strong words:

I have already written on the Official Secret Act. Regardless of what the courts might say, I am very clear on the matter that this does not apply to the PM in this case and he cannot be advised to keep the content of this letter secret. Anyone advising him to do is either lacking in intellectual capacity and does not understand the spirit of the Act or then is being downright dishonest.

On the other hand by publicly declaring it to be an act of foreign interference by the NSC, the three clowns responsible must be immediately arrested for violation of Article 5 (disloyalty) and Article 6 (treason).

There is no excuse not to do so and to do it immediately under any circumstances. We are now talking about National Security.

After this NSC meeting it is clear that high treason has been committed against the State of Pakistan by those who are part of this NCM. If the opposition is not involved they should call back the NCM and say that nobody can interfere in Pakistan’s internal affairs.

The politics can be played later after the State of Pakistan has been secured from such external threats. All Pakistanis need to shun this orchestrated sordid treasonous drama.

It is no more a time to be silent. All need to stand with Pakistan. No country can threaten Pakistan’s PM. He is not some XYZ he represents all of Pakistan.

Those who have attended the NSC meeting need to do their job for which they have been elected or serve in any institution uniformed or non-uniformed.

Let all Pakistanis stand up as a proud independent country.

The time to do nit picking is over.


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