Moment of Truth for Pakistan: Sheikh Imran N. Hosein

Moment of Truth for Pakistan: Sheikh Imran N. Hosein

By News Desk

The well-known Islamic scholar Sheikh Imran N. Hosein has released a special video message for Pakistan in light of the current political instability in the country. He said that it was beyond shameful that the US was trying to remove Imran Khan from power in Pakistan:

The opposition members are lusting for power and would even sleep with the Devil himself to get it. We are now at a turning point in history: is this the time to gang up against Imran Khan? Have you no sense? Which way will Pakistan go? Will it continue to be a lapdog of Yankee Imperialism? Is that what the leadership of Pakistan Armed Forces wants? Is this what the political parties want, the so-called Islamic political parties too?

The road for Pakistan in regards to foreign policy is to continue its alliance with China. Build the same alliance with Russia and detach yourselves with slavish alliance of the West.

He said that those who watch this video should spread my message to all Pakistanis so they may pay heed.


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