Fictitious Democracy: The Agenda of Satan

Fictitious Democracy: The Agenda of Satan

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

Dr Jernail Singh Aanand is an internationally recognized poet and philosopher. He is a staunch exponent of humanity, spirituality and universality. He is author of many books of English poetry. His main theme of the epic is victory of virtue over vice.

Aristotle had written that the purpose of fiction is to show the defeat of evil and victory of goodness, so that the society is reformed and human values are protected and promoted. It is called the ethical mission of poetry. Dr Aanand seems a committed disciple of Aristotle. In the words of William Wordsworth, he has a chosen task before him as a poet and that chosen task is reformation of humans irrespective of the differences of creed, caste, colour and country. He is a Universalist.

I had explicitly commented on his epic titled “Lustus: The Prince of Darkness.” My opinion is included in this poetry book. The mythological epic titled “Lustus” basically deals with Cosmic War fought in the celestial zones between the forces of God and Satan. Ultimately, the forces of Satan are defeated by the divine succour of Durga.

“Dominion of Netherworld” is also a mythological epic. Just as “Paradise Regained” is the sequel of “Paradise Lost”, this book (Dominion of Netherworld) is the sequel of his book “Lustus”. The core message of this epic is sardonic and sarcastic criticism on the prevailing political system in the world which is a sham democracy. In this capitalistic democracy, the poor and illiterate people are deceived and deluded by the rich class.

The so called political term “Power of Ballot”, is actually the power of scoundrels and demons. The angels contest elections against the demons and lose. The so called popular system of voting is a mirage and delusion. The men of wisdom and piety are defeated and the men of money and fraud win.

The angels represent the noble class while the demons represent the treacherous politicians. These are two symbols. As the virtue has to dominate and overcome vice, by the divine interference, the rule of angels is established on the earth.

The spirit of this epic is to negate the rule of fake and fictitious democracy and mobocracy and establish the rule of wise and pious people which is called meritocracy. The Real Democracy is the rule of goodness over evil and an establishment of the governance by the men of justice, honesty, equality, equity and piety. This epic is a literary masterpiece and an embodiment of a universal political philosophy.


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