The Solution Of Middle East Crisis

The Solution Of Middle East Crisis

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

Israeli Prime Minister Mr Yair Lapid addressed the UN General Assembly on September 20, 2022. His speech was very eloquent and impressed the members of UN and they enthusiastically clapped when he ended his speech. He gave the message of peace and prosperity for all nations and emerged as a great harbinger of human rights, democracy and world peace.

Everyone is bound to be impressed by his peace agenda which he proposed. But it is well said that not words but actions matter. Words are like empty drums. He said Israel is a democratic and scientifically an advanced state which promotes peace and democracy, while some Muslims in the name of so-called freedom are terrorists and are sabotaging the peace of Middle East.

Very briefly and impartially, I would like to comment on his speech which apparently also impressed me. But in the words of Dr Iqbal: “I know the secrets of the tavern.

Mr Yair Lapid advised to forget the past history and look forward. It is a good message but the question arises how the people can forget the past, when they see no future of their generations? Their past is gory and stained with the blood of their kith and kin. The Prime Minister of Israel very boastingly announced the basic reason of the material advancement in these words:

“We decided not to be victim. We chose not to dwell on the pain of the past but rather focused on the hope of the future. History is determined by people. We chose future over past.”

Nobody can deny this pragmatic approach towards the national solidarity and progress. Actually, he was asking the Palestinians to forget the bitter past and accept the ground reality which is to yield before Israelis oppression. If he wants to forget bitter history, then why he mentioned the tragic incident of Holocaust perpetrated on the Jews by Hitler. No sane person can justify the horrible and horrific Holocaust tragedy on human grounds. Are not the Israelis doing the same which Hitler did with them? Are they not repeating the same uncouth history no asking the Palestinians to get fry past history? Is it justice?

Then, he mentioned that Israel was created on the religious tenet mentioned in their religious book titled “Tanakh”. He should have admitted that we are on the agenda of Theodor Herzl who was an extremist and wanted to revive Zionism and planned to establish a Jewish state. In his booklet titled “The Jewish State”, with the connivance of Zionist diplomacy and religiosity writes:

“Every point which arises in the relations between nations is a question of might. In the world as it now is and for an indefinite period will probably will remain the same, might proceeds right.”

This is the actual agenda of Israel. The belief of the Zionists is “Might is Right.” The way Israel has turned down the UN resolutions and OSLO Accord, with which face the Prime Minister of Israel addressed the UN General Assembly? It is highly sorrowful that no one sitting in the hall questioned him.

Israel is giving the impression to world as she is a peace loving country and Palestinians are terrorists. Israel is the promoter of State Terrorism. The same story of peace was narrated by Netanyahu on September 20, 2012, the then Prime Minister of Israel. He had trumpeted the same song. He also posed to be a great democrat and peace monger but deliberately avoided the mention of UN resolutions and OSLO pact on Middle East crisis.

Prime Minister Mr Yair Lapid aggressively announced that Israel will not vacate Golan Heights, as Israelis feel threatened by the missile attacks of Palestinians. He denied charges of committing any kind of atrocities on Palestinians.

I think his claim is the biggest lie of this century. The way the youth is being incarcerated and randomly killed, and children and ladies are targeted and ruthlessly shot dead, I wonder on the claim of Mr Yair Lapid as the ruler of a non-violent state.

On November29, 1947, the General Assembly of UN had decided to make the Jewish State. On May 15, 1948, Israel was officially declared by UN as an independent state and made the member of UN. Since, then, Israel has proved to be a fascist state. He said that Israelis have serious threat of nuclear attack from Iran.

The same plea was taken by Mr. Netanyahu in UN ten years ago against Iran. He emphasized on the need of ending the present government of Iran being run by religious clerics who are dictators and appealed to America and the West to interfere and abolish the Iranian government and keep eye on the Iranian nuclear plan.

He further said Israel is a democratic country and feels threatened by undemocratic Muslim countries. He vicariously alluded to Iran as Israel feels no threat from Arab countries. There is not a shred of doubt in it that under the canopy of America, Israel is a democratic country and has the right to boast and brag, but has Israel granted the democratic rights to the oppressed Palestinians?

The UN resolutions bind Israel to go back to the position of 1976, and vacate the Arab occupied territories such as the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights. Israel says something which is not practiced and tries to hoodwink the world.

One thing that must be welcomed that is the announcement of Israeli Prime Minister that he supports the plan of “Two State Solution”. According to UN resolutions and OSLO pact, Israel and Palestine ought to be two independent states with cordial and peaceful relations.

Israel never acted on this decision and sought false perceptions and played insensible insinuations on the plea of security and safety of Israelis by the Palestinians. I wish America and the West take serious notice of the announcement of the Israeli Prime Minister and amicably resolve this burning issue.

A few years ago, I had stressed on the need of Two State Theory and regarded it the only solution of this issue. In my book titled “Moderate Meditations”, under the title “The Solution of Middle East Crisis”, this topic has been explicitly and exclusively discussed. Then, in my other two books titled “The Testament of Truth” and “The Gleams of Wisdom”, there are chapters on Middle East Crisis.

Everyone who believes in democracy, peace, justice and humanity finds no other alternative to such burning issue except peaceful way to retain and maintain human values. Humanity is one and we must live like one human community, shedding away all religious and racial discriminations. In this philosophy lies the safety and prosperity of all humans.


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