On The Importance Of World Poetry Conference

On The Importance Of World Poetry Conference

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

World Poetry Conference is the dire need of today as the present chaotic and materialistic age requires the message that refines our souls, polishes our minds and teaches us the glorious and grand human values.

This Summit which is being organized by a great poet and philosopher of our times Dr Jernail Singh Anand, a visionary who cherishes the aspirations to unite humans on one platform through poetry. I endorse his noble notion and appeal to all poets and philosophers world around to guide all humans for achieving this glorious goal.

This Summit aims to bring together the savants, sages, erudite, poets and thinkers to spread the fragrance of their creative minds and promote love, compassion, peace, moderation, justice, equality, and humanity. These human values are permanent and common in all sections of society.

In our contemporary times, we have become more materialistic and mechanized like robots, sans human compassion, commitment and sacrifice for human ideals. This conference intends to seek new visions and vistas to revisit and reconstruct the positive and potent role of poetry.

World Poetry Conference expects from the poets of all nations to raise potent voice in shaping the world peace and human unity. As the poets are the harbingers of universal values, this conference invites them to play their role to promoting liberty, equity, equality, brotherhood, purity, piety, spirituality, and human dignity.

It also desires to vanquish religious extremism, racial discrimination, linguistic feuds and regional disputes that cause horrible wars and indiscriminately shed the blood of humans in the name of colour, creed, country, cult, credo, class and caste.

The poets must play the role of messengers and perform the sacred duty to unite humans. Any act or ideology that preaches or promotes hatred, spite, sloth, discrimination, disunity, discord and dissent must be discarded.

Poets can heal the wounds of people by their soothing rhymes and humanistic compassion. My message to the poets is: “Unite Humans.”


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