If Imran Khan Had Been Assassinated, There’d Have Been A Bloody Civil War In Pakistan – Sheikh Imran N. Hosein

If Imran Khan Had Been Assassinated, There’d Have Been A Bloody Civil War In Pakistan

Sheikh Imran N. Hosein: My Message To The Generals Of Pakistan Armed Forces

“This is a tremendously important time for Pakistan. The enemy has invested a lot of effort, time and money in putting in place Western clones in Pakistan, who will act in Pakistan on behalf of the enemy. The enemies are those who will never allow Pakistani people to choose their own leaders; leaders who would put Pakistan first. They want Pakistani leaders to be subservient to Washington D.C. and other capitals.

Whenever Pakistan gets a leader who put Pakistan first and who is not prepared to submit to the West, they kill him. They got Liaquat Ali Khan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and even General Zia killed. And now after all these years, Pakistan has another leader, who puts Pakistan first and is not prepared to become the footstool of the enemies of Islam. And that is Imran Khan.

If Imran Khan had been assassinated a few days ago, there would have been a bloody civil war in Pakistan. The generals would not have gotten any place to hide in Pakistan; they would have been quartered. Thank Allah that He saved Imran Khan’s life.

And now there is only one way forward for Pakistan to avoid bloody conflict like the Iranian Revolution, and that is at this critical moment, it is the people who must have the freedom now, not next year, to choose who they want. Let the Pakistani people decide who they want as their leader.

If the people of Pakistan are denied the freedom at this time to choose who they want as their leader, without interference from Washington D. C., without interference from London, without interference from the armed forces of Pakistan, the major casualty in the civil war that is coming would be the generals of Pakistan Armed Forces who are Yankee puppy dogs.

I am making this video to send a message to the generals of Pakistan Armed Forces, who are Yankee puppy dogs, to tell them that if this situation continues, the people are going to deal with you the way they dealt with the Turkish Armed Forces. If you want to save yourself from civil war in Pakistan, then you were given a chance because Imran Khan survived and you should thank Allah that he was not killed.

If you do not make use of this chance now, to allow the people of Pakistan to freely exercise their right to choose who they want to lead over them, without any interference from Washington D.C. and London, and from Western ambassadors in Islamabad, without any interference from Pakistan Armed Forces, if people of Pakistan are not given a chance at this time, then tomorrow you are going to face civil war in Pakistan, and a repeat of what happened in Iran. And when the blood starts to flow, you will then remember my words.”


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