Lavrov’s Latest Interview Dispels The West’s False Perceptions About Russia

Lavrov’s Latest Interview Dispels The West’s False Perceptions About Russia

By Andrew Korybko

These objectively existing and easily verifiable facts shatter the artificial reality about this conflict that was constructed by the West’s perception managers.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s interview with TASS on Tuesday articulated his country’s true stance towards the Ukrainian Conflict and thus dispelled the West’s false perceptions about it. He reaffirmed his representatives’ prior assessment that this proxy war is global in nature after the US rallied its vassals across the world to finance Kiev’s forces, deploy state-of-the-art experimental arms, dispatch mercenaries, and provide real-time intelligence support for defeating Moscow on the battlefield.

In the face of these ever-escalating threats, Lavrov reminded everyone that Russia prefers a diplomatic solution to the conflict that respects its security interests that were responsible for its special operation in the first place but it also won’t shy away from continuing to defend them through military means if needed. This contradicts the West’s claims that the Kremlin is supposedly obsessed with fighting just for the sake of it and isn’t interested in peacefully resolving the root causes of this conflict.

Building upon his debunking of that aforementioned false narrative, Lavrov denied that his country ever resorted to nuclear sabre-rattling despite Western reports to the contrary and actually cited former British Prime Minister Truss’ related threats and Zelensky’s own as proof of their nuclear aggression. These objectively existing and easily verifiable facts shatter the artificial reality about this conflict that was constructed by the West’s perception managers.

Far from braying for nuclear war, Russia remains committed to doing its utmost to preemptively avert that apocalyptic scenario as evidenced by its top diplomat recalling his country’s pertinent statements to that effect over the past year and its consistent efforts to build a new global security architecture. Nevertheless, the US-led West’s Golden Billion is completely against the Kremlin’s proposals, with that de facto New Cold War bloc reacting to them by waging their ongoing Hybrid War against it in response.

For as hard as they’ve tried, however, they’ve failed to decouple Russia from the rest of the world despite succeeding in this respect when it comes to the West. Lavrov therefore hopes that they’ll eventually realize that their plot to destroy his country will inevitably fail, hence why he remains open to the possibility of pragmatic talks on issues of mutual interest like arms control if the US ever signals its political will to resume them.

What his interview goes to show is that Western perceptions about Russia’s stance towards the Ukrainian Conflict are entirely based upon lies. Moscow wants to resolve this proxy war through political means if possible, and while it’ll continue employing military ones to that end in the absence of the aforesaid, it’s actually the West that’s resorted to nuclear sabre-rattling and not Russia. Considering the strategic dynamics, this proxy war will probably continue, but Russia’s inevitable victory isn’t in doubt.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Voice of East.

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