Andrew Korybko

Andrew Korybko is an American Moscow-based political analyst specialising in the relationship between the US strategy in Afro-Eurasia, China’s One Belt One Road global vision of New Silk Road connectivity and Hybrid Warfare. He can be reached on Twitter @AKorybko





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The “Great Western Escape” From Afghanistan

A Chinese-US Military Conflict Can Be Avoided If America Has The Will

Will India And Iran Ally With Kabul Against The Taliban?

The Diplomatic Dynamics Of The Afghan Peace Process Are Challenging

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The New Quad Is Better Than The Old One

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Cuba: US-Backed Colour Revolution Or Legitimate COVID-Inspired Protests?

What’s The SCO’s Game Plan For Afghanistan?

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Russian FM Sergei Lavrov Advocates Multipolar World Order

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Russian-American Relations: Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

Will The US Stir Up More Trouble In The South China Sea This Summer?

Is Nigeria’s Twitter Ban A National Sovereignty Or Anti-Democratic Move?

Russia Will Help Lead The Global Economic Recovery After COVID-19

The Wizard Of Oz: The Dark Reality That The Deep State Hides From The World

China’s Promise Of Full Support To Syria Might Be A Geopolitical Game-Changer

There Are No Democracies Or Autocracies, Only Governments

Russia’s International Tourism Reforms Show That It Has Nothing To Hide

Fake News Alert: Russia And Turkey Are Not Sending Peacekeepers To Palestine

Israel’s Aggressive Actions Are Indefensible

Facebook’s Censorship Of RT’s Redfish Is Literally Digital Fascism

America Must Stop Punishing Average Russians If It’s To Regain Its Soft Power

The EU Parliament’s Anti-Russian Resolution Is Dangerous

Iran’s Deep State Power Struggle Just Exploded Into The Open

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Biden’s Grand Strategy Is Delusional And Dangerous

Chinese-EU Bonds And The Emerging Multipolar World Order

The Rise Of The Eurasian Century

China And Russia Are Jointly Leading A Real-Life Justice League

The Saudis’ Renewed Peace Push In Yemen Is Welcome, But Incomplete

Biden’s ‘Killer’ Remark Backfired, Big Time

The First-Ever Quad Leadership Summit Confirmed The Bloc’s Anti-Chinese Purpose

India Is Wrong To Blame The IRGC For Late January’s Attempted Terrorist Attack

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Modi’s Khalistan Dilemma Will Only Destabilize India

Russian-American Relations Under Biden: More Of The Same Except For One Thing

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China’s International Development Cooperation Is A Stunning Success

What’s The Future Of Afghanistan After Trump?

Trump was swallowed by the swamp because he failed to drain it

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Russia Can Benefit From Azerbaijan’s Strengthened Relations With Iran And Pakistan

How Is Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict Different From Kashmir Issue?

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