Scientific Proof Of The Ascension Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) On The Event Of Meraj

Scientific Proof Of The Ascension Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) On The Event Of Meraj

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

Some enlightened Muslims have sought my opinion about the event of “Meraj” (ascension) of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) into heavens. The inquisitive nature of theses modern, rational and scientific minds needs to know the real truth and essence of this great miraculous event of Muslims history.

“The Night of Ascension” is the night time journey of Holy Prophet (PBUH) of Islam in 621 AD from Mecca to Jerusalem, from where, he then ascended to heavens/empyrean. While in the Kaaba, the sacred shrine, he was accompanied by Archangels Gabriel and Michael to heavens. He was ascended from Dome of Rock, Jerusalem to heavens. He travelled in a single night on a strange winged creature called “Buraq”. According to Arab linguistics, Buraq is the superlative degree of Arabic word “Burq”, which means electricity. He ascended into heavens by electric magnetic/energy.

The Holy Quran about this journey says:

“Glory to the one who took His servant (for a journey) by night from the Harm Mosque (in Mecca) to the farthest mosque. We blessed these precincts in order that We might show him some of our signs. He is All-Healing, the All-Seeing.”

This Quranic verse clearly mentions that this journey to heavens was not a dream but a physical journey. If it were a dream and not a miraculous physical ascension, then what is glory in it, while God says “glory to the one”. Moreover, the Arabic word “Abd” used in this verse means a Person subservient to God. The word “Abd” is not used for a dreamy condition but it is used for a person experiencing and witnessing the things in a waking position. If we call it a dream, then it is not a miracle and has no special attribute and tribute.

Does science approve or prove such an event? Is it possible?

The Quantum Theory of Physics supports such occurrence. In the light of Quantum Physics, the physical transportation of material objects is possible.

The scientific verity is deducible by Quantum physics. It refers to proof that the discrete units of matter and energy are predicted by and observed in Quantum Physics. Light waves act like particles and particles act like light waves which is called wave particular duality. Matter can go from step to another without moving through the intervening space, called quantum tunnelling. There are immaterial implications in quantum theory known as “Quantum Teleportation”. This process is spiritual process. This phenomenon is called “entanglement” to reproduce in one point in space a quantum state of existence.

It is a proven scientific fact that matter can be transported to higher celestial spheres keeping its solidity in tack. Matter and energy are inter-convertible. But the question arises; Is “Spiritual Transportation” possible? As human body is the blend of clay and soul, is it possible that while transporting a living object, the soul does not suffer? Yes; the spiritual transportation is possible as in the sphere/ zone of electricity, the spirit is not harmed.

Soul according to the Quran is a “Special Creation” which is divine light and energy. Besides, the act of transportation and ascension to heavens is so speedy that no material law of nature is applicable on it. When one thing crosses the flames of fire slowly, it burns. But, when you throw a material object with fast speed through the flames, it remains safe. Similar is the scientific occurrence of the event of ascension of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Time and Space are physical, spatial and natural laws which were superseded by spiritual and supernatural laws. Miracle supersedes material laws. This secret has been nicely depicted in an Urdu couplet of Dr Iqbal. He says:

عشق کی اک جست نے طے کر دیا قصّہ تمام
اِس زمین و آسماں کو بیکراں سمجھا تھا مَیں

One leap of love has crossed all boundaries;
I thought this earth and heaven could not be crossed as they are infinite.

Conclusively, I would like to quote a few lines from my book titled “Philosophy of Soul”:

“In the present monograph, I have tried to prove that matter is bottled up light waves and soul is bottled up divine light wave. It is not only the spiritual transmutation of man after his death which is discussed in it but also I am of the view that a living man can also be physically transported to the other planets. If we can convert the living man into light waves and send him to higher planets and there the same waves can be converted into a human being. In this process of conversion of man’s body into waves, the soul does not suffer as it is a superior kind of divine breath as mentioned in the Holy Quran. This holy breath is a spiritual wave. When the Muslims talk of the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) journey towards the celestial spheres, it is a belief that now scientifically is being authenticated.”


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