On The Empowerment Of Women

On The Empowerment Of Women

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

The world is celebrating Women’s Day. Some friends have asked me to give my opinion on this sensitive issue. Very briefly, I would like to comment that in retrogressive and traditional societies like Asian and African countries, even today, the ladies are deprived of their social rights. The men dominate women, while in American and Western countries, the ladies have infinite freedom and they dominate men.

I believe in equal respect of men and women. I strongly support the genuine rights of women given to them by Islam. They are free to get education, job and have free choice of marriage. In some uncivilized societies, even today, the women are maltreated and mishandled which is against humanity and religion.

No religion or philosophy permits the exploitation of women. No one can permit violence on women folk. The educated and civilized men must support the genuine demands and rights of women. There are no two opinions about it. But some of the ladies who are struggling for women freedom and equal rights and women empowerment are Westernized and intend female chauvinism against male chauvinism. Most of them are on foreign sponsored agenda. Some of them are sincerely and seriously supporting this mission while some others are financed by anti-Islam forces who want the Muslims to adopt their free Sex culture.

I condemn male chauvinism and also condemn female chauvinism. I have seen in America and some Western countries, the ladies direct and dominate men. We need a balanced society. No one’s rights should be trampled under feet. Respect begets respect. The Western ladies are in a big mess. They have to bear the brunt of life adversities all alone. Their life is miserable. The rate of divorce is on apex. Family life has been shattered. The cumbersome life has depressed the Western ladies. Majority of them do not produce kids and spend time with dogs and cats. Pets can’t replace kids. What a miserable life! These ladies take drugs.

Dr Iqbal in a Persian poem writes that the daughter of the Holy Prophet Fatima is the role model for the Muslim ladies. When she used to visit the Holy Prophet, he got up to welcome her and offered her his seat. It was to show respect for his daughter and also was a universal and everlasting message for all humans to love and respect daughters. He respected his wives and asked the people to be very careful and decent to women.

On his last pilgrimage sermon on the mount of Arafat, he exhorted Muslims to guard the rights of women accorded to them by God. There is a Surah in the Quran titled “The Women”, which grants rights to women and protects their dignity.  I wish the Muslim ladies follow the life style Hazrat Fatima, instead of making the Western actresses as their role model and spoil their lives.


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