Dr Allama M. Iqbal’s Book “Javid Nama” Translated Into Danish Language

Dr Allama M. Iqbal’s Book “Javid Nama” Translated Into Danish Language

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

I am pleased and feel immense jubilance to read about the seminar held in Copenhagen, Denmark in which Ms. Sadaf Mirza was a key note speaker. I appreciate her commitment in promoting the message of Dr Iqbal. Her translation of the poetry book titled “Javid Nama” (The Book of Eternity) into Danish language is a marvellous and meritorious contribution to the literature on Dr Iqbal.

What is ‘Javid Nama’? I would briefly like to throw light on this book for the people who do not know Persian language. This is one of the books in Persian poetry written by a great poet and philosopher of the sub-continent Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal. The ‘Javid Nama’ is a poem published in 1932, and is addressed to Javid Iqbal, the son of Dr Allama Iqbal. This book teaches many lessons and is a compendium of wisdom and erudition.

This book is written under the inspiration of Italian poet Dante’s “Divine Comedy”.  Dante’s guide was Virgil and the guide of Dr Iqbal was Rumi. Dr Iqbal’s philosophy of progressive and humanistic religion and pragmatic issues of life from the most modern angle is fully explained in this book.

The apparent message basically is his definition and interpretation of Islam on rational, humanistic and universal level and is for all mankind. He rejected the traditional sectarianism, non-progressive priesthood and pseudo Sufism and stressed on enlightened approach towards religion. He was a reformer for all mankind.

This book is a pilgrimage to eternity. Dr Iqbal concludes ‘Javid Nama’ with a concise advice for his son Javid Iqbal as well as for future generations. ‘Javid Nama’ was also translated into English language by a British scholar A. J. Arberry.

Now, I deem it pertinent to write a few lines about my relations with Dr Javid Iqbal and Ms. Sadaf Mirza for the sake of my association and attachment with the people who have affinity, affection and affiliation with Dr Iqbal. Dr Javid Iqbal had excellently commented on my English poetry book titled “Visions and Vistas”, when he was the Chief Justice of the Punjab High Court in 1983. Then he wrote a letter to me on the publication of my Urdu/ Persian poetry book titled آوازِعصر (Awaz e Asr).

A few years ago we both were invited by the government of Iran to participate in an international conference held on Jamal-ud-Deen Afghani/Asadabadi in Tehran. We spent three weeks together and visited some cities of Iran. Particularly, our visit to the grave of eminent Muslim philosopher and Physician Avicenna was a memorable visit.

The grandson of Imam Khomeini, Hassan Khomeini invited us and we had a special meeting with him. We both were specially taken to the shrine of Imam Khomeini and we officially put wreath on his grave. This event was covered by the national channels of Iran. The photo of our exclusive meeting with Hassan Khomeini was published in the autobiography written by Dr Javid Iqbal titled “میرا گریباں چاک” (Mera Girainban Chaak).

Apart from my commitment to the message of Dr Iqbal and friendly relations with Dr Javid Iqbal, I am personally indebted to Ms. Sadaf Mirza for writing an excellent column on my poetry which later was published in my book of poetry titled دیوارِ روزنِ زنداں (Dewaar e Rozan e Zindan). This book contains my poetry in seven languages viz; English, Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Kashmiri, Punjabi and Poonchi.

Last month she visited Pakistan and interviewed me for TV Denmark Urdu Service and for some other YouTube channels. It was nice of her. Her literary and academic services are exuberant. Her Urdu novel titled برگد (Bergad) is a great contribution to Urdu literature. Her poetry book titled “صحرا میں آبجو” (A Streamlet in a Desert) is very fascinating and inspiring poetry. I had commented on this book in English and later that review was published in daily The Patriot, Islamabad. I had also included this review in my English book titled “Moderate Meditations”.

I have written this brief note intentionally to tell our youth that how a lady of erudition living in Denmark is promoting the message of Dr Iqbal. I strongly recommend her for National Award by the government of Pakistan. I wish the youth of Pakistan also reads Dr Iqbal and picks the pearls of wisdom from the poetry and philosophy of Poet of the East. I deem it the intellectual responsibility of every man of letters to promote the universal message of Dr Iqbal.

Recently, my book in English language titled “The Message of Iqbal” has been published by Iqbal Academy, Lahore by a specialist on Dr Iqbal, Dr Baseera Abreen, who was then the Director of Iqbal Academy, Lahore. I must thank Dr Shahzad Qaisar, the former Federal Secretary of the government of Pakistan, who is a recognized and reputed poet, author and scholar and was the Vice President of Iqbal Academy, for writing excellent Foreword on my book. It can be had from the sales office of Academy of Lahore.

I am encouraged and pleased to know that this book like a hot cake is being purchased and admired by the lovers of Dr Allama Iqbal and that satisfies me. If my humble effort in promoting the message of my spiritual and intellectual mentor is appreciated, my mission is fulfilled.


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