Book Review Of “The Destination Of Love: Pakistan”

Book Review Of “The Destination Of Love: Pakistan”

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

It is my proud privilege that Dr Mohammad Rafiq kindly visited me and gifted me his valuable Urdu book titled “منزلِ عشق- پاکستان”- He has earned the degree of doctorate from National Defence University in 2017. From 2015 to 2016, he joined George Town University, Washington DC as senior research focal person.

The very title of the book is self-evident and signifies the immense contribution of the people of his Kalar Jat family, who rendered unprecedented services and sacrifices for the emergence of Pakistan. This book is basically the saga of sacrifices of his family, who lived in Bijapur, Ludhiana, East Punjab, India.

In 1947 this family migrated to Pakistan after the martyrdom of the near and dear ones of the author. Besides, the minute details of his clan and their short life history, the focal points of the purpose of writing this book are to inculcate the spirit of sanctity of Islam and indomitable and unconditional love and dedication to Pakistan.

These two points inspired me to write to briefly review this book and tell our younger generation that how after unprecedented sacrifices, our beloved country Pakistan came into being.

The author tributes esteemed lady Fatima who got married with a Sikh named Ghandeela Singh who embraced Islam before marrying her. The author pays great tributes to his grandfather Chaudhry Atta Muhammad who was a big land lord at Bijapur, Ludhiana. This venerable personality was very influential in the vicinity and was the centre of admiration and esteem for his both, the Muslims and the Sikhs.

He was equally respected by the local Muslims and Sikhs. He was a dedicated pioneer and harbinger of Pakistan ideology and worked day and night raising the slogan of Pakistan. Once, in Shimla, Chaudhry Atta Muhammad addressed a public meeting which was presided by Quaid-i-Azam. He kissed the brow and hand of Quaid-i-Azam and said:

”Mr Jinnah, by the grace of Allah, may you succeed in your noble mission of making Pakistan, which will be for the betterment of the Muslims; who knows whether, I step upon that holy land or not; but my every drop of blood is for that promised sacred land: Pakistan”.

These passionate words came true, when he was martyred on the border of Pakistan and India by some Sikhs who accompanied him as his devotees but murdered him while some Sikhs accompanied him with a group of Muslims to escort him up to Pakistan border. When they arrived at Fareed Ghot, which is situated near the Ghanda Singh Border on Indian side close to city Qasur. He crossed the border and entered into Pakistan territory. He and his friend Alim Deen prostrated on the Pakistani land, kissed it with tearful eyes. They said their prayers of Maghreb and Esha on the land of Pakistan. On the request of the Muslims and Sikhs, he stayed there at that night, as they all respected and loved him and sincerely desired to spend some more moments with him.

Unfortunately, four Sikhs changed their loyalty and murdered them both when they were offering morning prayer. The sincere Sikhs got so infuriated that when they returned to Bijapur, they fought with the band of people who were involved in this bestial cold murder of their benefactor Chaudhry Atta Mohammad.

Nearly about 27 Sikhs were killed in this clash. The faithful Sikhs protected him and were deeply grieved on his murder. I appeal to the Government of Pakistan to make his tomb with the epitaph with this commemorative inscription: ”Tomb of the Martyr of Pakistan “. (شہیدِ پاکستان).

He was the man who in the presence of Mr. Jinnah, in his speech at Shimla announced to donate fifty tola gold for the fund of Muslim League. Then after a few days, he again met with Mr. Jinnah and presented him fifty tola gold for Muslim League fund. The Quaid was very inspired by his sincerity to the cause of Pakistan and said: “Thank you Chaudhry Sahib”.

These words of our Quaid were great asset for Chaudhry Atta Mohammad which he cherished throughout his life and felt jubilant, elected, fascinated and heightened. Of course, these golden words ought to be the matter of great pride for the family of the author.

After the migration from India to Pakistan, the way his family suffered and bore the brunt of tribulations makes one stunned and tearful. The father of the author Chaudhry Jamal-ud-Deen Kalar faced immense heart wrenching tragedies. On his way to Pakistan, he along with his family was attacked by a band of Sikhs. He was wounded but saved and survived when some Sikhs of another attacking group recognized him as the son of Chaudhry Atta Muhammad pounced to rescue him and battled with that band of those Sikh roguish miscreants.

Ajeet Singh with his group fought with the Sikhs who were to murder Chaudhry Jamal-ud-Deen and his cohorts. It was a miracle that he was saved. His wife was in another migrating party. Both reached Pakistan but did not know about their whereabouts. What a grave human tragedy! They thought that all were murdered during migration. After nine months, they found each other.

Similarly, so many families kept on searching each other for years. Some could find the chums and some could not till last breath. Pakistan emerged on the world globe with the blood of martyrs.

The author expresses deep concern and grief on the situation of Pakistan and is of the opinion that yet, we have not achieved our cherished goals for which Pakistan was created after unprecedented sacrifices. Our forefathers had envisioned a Pakistan in which we will establish an Islamic welfare state. The supremacy of law and Justice will be maintained. The racial discrimination and religious extremism will be up rooted. But our dreams have been shattered. We need to make a Pakistan as envisaged by our great leader Quaid-i-Azam.

I fully support the genuine plea of the author, who is a great patriot like his forefathers. He is an erudite and a visionary. He foresees and forecasts a great and glorious Pakistan which will be saturated by the petals of sincere, honest, capable and patriotic leadership.

I recommend the Pakistanis to read this book and know the history of the sacrifices of those people who were brutally murdered, their ladies were gang raped and their kids were beheaded and chopped into pieces in front of their parents. We must not forget their sacrifices. Long live Pakistan. Our destiny and our destination is Pakistan.


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