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Ali Hassnain is a freelance writer, social media enthusiast and activist. Obsessive reader, opinionated but always exploring and open to all points of view. He can be reached @AliHasn97

Israel – A Nation on Decline

How we lost Al-Aqsa – The Arab-Israel War of 1967

The Mad Man Theory of Narendra Modi

The World As We Know It: 19th Century And The First World War

Modi takes his madman theory to the next level: Beating the war drums!

Ahmaddiya Persecution Or A Quest For Ahmaddiya Dominance?

The Future of Indian Held Kashmir

Shot Gun Shells, Not Pellets, Being Used In Kashmir By Indian Army

Sushma Swaraj feeding the hungry … in Saudi Arabia!

Of Indian Delusions And Nationalist Propaganda

The Doctrine Of Offensive Defence And Indian Defence Minister

Police Reforms: Grabbing The Bull By Its Horns

The Legendary Feats Of Pakistan Armed Forces In Indo-Pak War Of 1965

India’s Limited Options To Counter Growing Resistance In Kashmir

The Legacy Of Indira Gandhi

US Presidential Debate And World Politics

Liaquat Ali Khan’s Assassination: A Cold Case Of History

How I, A Law Abiding Citizen Got Arrested

Life After Trump

Bahubali 2: Reinventing Hindutva

Strategic Importance of Deosai Plains

Right To Education

A Forgotten Prelude to 1965 Indo-Pak War: The Battle of Rann of Katch

Ayesha Gulalai’s allegation and its repercussions for Pakistani women

Trump’s Afghan policy – A repeat of tried, tested and failed strategy

Burma: The Balkans of East Asia

Sexual harassment in the South Asian context

Pakistan India Stand-off crisis averted?

So what exactly is Qadianis’ problem?

Trump’s offer of mediation on Kashmir

India’s Mad King and rising tensions in Kashmir

Indian annexation of Kashmir and options for Pakistan

After One Year Of Siege, ‘What Next’ For Kashmir?

Sexual Harassment In Educational Institutes And A Possible Solution

Did the CIA plant nuclear-powered spy device in the Himalayas in the 60s?

Afghanistan: Fears, Hopes And Dream Of A New Asia

At What Point Was East Pakistan Lost?

East Pakistan: Myths Surrounding 1971 War And A Conversation With A Bengali

A crash course on Essentials of HRM

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