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Hussain Saqib is a veteran journalist, retired civil servant, policy analyst and blogger. He can be reached on twitter

Pakistan May Alter The Contours Of A Unipolar World Order

Pakistan’s SCO Membership Will Create Ripples In The Existing Order

What Does Pakistan Gain By Its Meek Posture At Ufa?

General Zia ul Haq was killed for outsmarting the Americans

India’s Senseless Ceasefire Violations Prove Its Proxies In Pakistan Are Facing Annihilation

Full Spectrum Deterrence: An Unequivocal Message Delivered To Indian Hawks

India Balkanization Is The Logical Option For Regional Peace

Russia’s Attack On A Major US Proxy In Syria Could Trigger A Wider Conflict

Five Reasons Why The US Fans Instability In South Asia

Why Pakistanis Have So Much Contempt For Their Parliament?

How Will The U.S. Deal With Russia And Pakistan’s Tactical Nukes Simultaneously?

In Defense Of The State Within A State

Why Russian Jet Was Shot Down By Turkey A Day Before Russian Foreign Minister’s Visit?

Discrimination In Saudi Arabia Is In Violation Of Prophet’s [PBUH] Last Sermon

Why Older Leaders Can Be Dangerous?

Relax Guys, Cdr. Kulbhushan Yadav Is Only A Kao Boy Of RAW

Modi’s Visit To Saudi Arabia Will Remain A Non-starter

Money Laundering: How Offshore Companies Whiten Your Ill-gotten Billions?

Exercise Shatrujeet, Kulbhushan Yadav and Panama Papers

Is Uncle Sam Seeking An Excuse To Topple Saudi Regime?

It Is Not The Holy Site, It Is The Custodian They Are After

How JuD Can Sabotage Kashmir’s Indigenous Struggle For Freedom

FBR Should Be A No-go Area For Political Carpetbaggers

Gwadar Port Operations: A Red Rag To Checkmated Players Of The Global Chessboard?

Who is responsible for national humiliation at Heart of Asia Conference?

Andrei Karlov Assassination: Will It strengthen Russo-Turkish Resolve To fight The West In Syria?

Pakistan caught between Saudi Arabia and Iran

“Lay off, Modi!”, people of Balochistan roar with one voice

کھاریاں پھاٹک پر منو بھائی سے ٹاکرہ

پارٹی لائن

وزارت حج کی یادیں ۔1

وزارتٍ حج کی یادیں۔2

Pakistan’s senate: An assembly of saints and sages or small-time crooks?

Fighting terrorism: how FC saved Quetta from a major disaster

‘The Spy Chronicles’: General Durrani owes an explanation to the nation too!

آرمی اٹیچمنٹ: تین ماہ کا تعلق اور عمر بھر کا رومانس ۔ 1

آرمی اٹیچمنٹ: تین ماہ کا تعلق اور عمر بھر کا رومانس – 2

آرمی اٹیچمنٹ: تین ماہ کا تعلق اور عمر بھر کا رومانس – 3

آرمی اٹیچمنٹ: تین ماہ کا تعلق اور عمر بھر کا رومانس – 4

روزہ خور اور ضیائی قوانین

Will Pakistan’s leadership learn from Malaysia’s Chinese experience?

India’s misplaced euphoria on Saudi crown prince’s visit to New Delhi

Lok Sabha elections 2019: will it change anything for the Indians?

India’s misplaced jubilation over designation of Masood Azhar as global terrorist

Why was “the monkey” a prized catch for Pakistan?

Dying BLA finally mercy-killed by the family

حکایت اللہ – 1


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