Straight From The Heart – March 2014 – Editorial

Straight from the heart!
Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi

Dear readers
Assalam o Alaikum.

I had the chance of watching a video of Tarek Fatah conducting a UNHRC session in Geneva speaking as a ‘representative’ the Baloch people. Apart from the fact that he is a Canadian citizen who has not been to Pakistan for more than two decades now, he is also a famous Islamophobe who is known in the International Media for his rabidly anti-Pakistan views. One wonders what an anti-Pakistan and anti-Islam media spokesperson is doing in United Nations, representing one of the provinces of the ‘Islamic’ republic of Pakistan? He has got no relation or association with Pakistan, is unaware of the ground realities at home and is also against the official religion of the state of Pakistan. One clearly does not know whether to laugh or cry at this mis-representation of Pakistan!

At a point when one senior Pakistani Journalist and policy maker pointed out to Tarek Fatah that Pakistan’s government was taking concrete steps to address the grievances of the Baloch people, Tarek Fatah, attacked him aggressively with verbal abuses that did NOT contain any concrete rebuttal of the facts being presented to him. What ignited this harangue from a foreign sponsored media person who claims to ‘represent’ the Baloch people? Whose interests is this man representing? This abominable person is usually accompanied by the self-exiled Baloch ‘Sardars’ like Mehran Marri and Brahamdagh Bugti. These two Baloch men have well-established relations with not only RAW but intelligence agencies of a few other countries as well. The only reason they are out there is to destabilize Pakistan by sponsoring insurgency in Balochistan. Yet the UN is adamant at showcasing these stooges as the true representatives of the Baloch people!

One starts to see a sinister game plan when one observes that the UN is promoting people like Tarek Fatah, Mehran Marri and Brahamdagh Bugti to make an issue of a non-issue, i.e., the ‘missing persons’ drama in the Balochistan province of Pakistan. Now even the International Media has already published reports that indicate that India and USA are sponsoring terrorism in Balochistan through Afghanistan. Banned terrorists outfits like BLA, BRA and BLF abduct Baloch people and take them for training to Ferrari Camps in Afghanistan and then blame FC and security agencies of Pakistan for their own actions. This sinister game plan should be laid bare in front of the nation and our government should take strict actions to nullify the false representation by people like Tarek Fatah and Mehran Marri under the umbrella of UN.

Stay blessed.

Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi
March 2014

Mehran Marri - Tarek Fatah The Self Proclaimed Representatives of Baloch
Mehran Marri and Tarek Fatah in Geneva
The Self Proclaimed Representatives of Baloch