Straight From The Heart – May 2014 – Editorial

Straight from the heart!
Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi

Dear readers
Assalam o Alaikum.

At a time when the serpent of anti-state and hostile media has raised its ugly head with full force in Pakistan, the Butcher of Gujarat has risen in India as the new head of the state of the so-called secular India. What does it mean for Pakistan and the Muslims of India? If the truth be told, not a single political party in India is Pakistan friendly or well-wisher of Muslims. One only needs to remember that the debacle of the Babri Masjid took place when Congress party was in power to know that both of the major political parties in India are communal parties which have worn a mask of secularism. But BJP’s Narender Modi has done nothing to hide his venom against Islam and Muslims and his strong links with RSS.

During his election campaign, Modi spoke most vehemently against Pakistan and made it plainly clear that he will abandon India’s ‘No First Use’ policy regarding nuclear bombs. Earlier the stance of New Delhi was that they would not be first to use atomic weapons in a conflict with Pakistan. If sanity had prevailed, and India was a peace-loving nation as portrayed by ‘Aman Ki Asha’, we would have seen that the ‘secular’ Hindu Indians would have rejected a dangerous man like Modi. On the contrary, Modi has risen to power like a newly awakened serpent. This explains well the Hindutva ideology of Hindus and also the fact that it would be insanity on part of Pakistan to treat India as a secular, peace-loving nation, which Jang Group would have us believe. The hate and extremism of the Saffron terrorism has become too conspicuous for the World to ignore now. I sincerely hope that the policy makers in our government and military are taking note of these developing scenarios and how Modi’s coming to power will affect all of us in Asia.

Message to Pakistanis today in Allama Iqbal’s words:

خدائے لم یزل کا دست قدرت تو، زباں تو ہے

یقیں پیدا کر اے غافل کہ مغلوب گماں تو ہے

پرے ہے چرخ نیلی فام سے منزل مسلماں کی

ستارے جس کی گرد راہ ہوں، وہ کارواں تو ہے

یہ نکتہ سرگزشت ملت بیضا سے ہے پیدا

کہ اقوام زمین ایشیا کا پاسباں تو ہے

Stay blessed.

Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi
May 2014