Straight From The Heart – October 2014 – Editorial

Straight from the heart!
Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi


Dear Readers


While Pakistan faces internal turmoil in the forms of protest that have spread across various cities of Pakistan, the external threat levels also have escalated from the start of this month. It is heart-breaking as well as alarming that 12 innocent Pakistani citizens have lost their lives due to unprovoked Indian firing on the working boundary near Sialkot, while 1 embraced martyrdom at LoC. 64 Pakistani civilians have been badly wounded due to recent Indian shelling since October 1st, 2014, and Indians have committed 24 ceasefire violations on working boundary and 26 on Line of Control in just under two weeks’ time. India which wrongly accuses Pakistan of exporting terrorism in the world, itself has been targeting civil population living in villages, all along the working boundary of Pakistan.

Why has India turned even more hostile towards Pakistan than it was ever before? This insanity by India is not surprising for those who have been following the spiritual intelligence about the region given by great seers and defence analysts alike. It has not happened in decades that a BJP Zionist with close links to RSS extremists has come into power as the PM of India, one who firmly believes in establishing the ideology of Hindutva in the sub-continent. The Brahmin mind-set had never accepted Pakistan as a reality since its creation and is hell bent upon making Pakistan a part of their Mother India. The internal turmoil in Pakistan and the unequivocal support of US for India has heightened Narender Modi’s war hysteria and he seems to be living in a dream world where Indian Army would just walk into Pakistan and capture it without any death and destruction in their own country. He conveniently forgets that a clash between two nuclear-armed countries is not a child’s play and it will have serious repercussions not just for Asia but for the entire World peace.

Indian aggression on LoC combined with the recent devastating floods in Indian Occupied Kashmir, has brought back Kashmir’s dispute to the world with a bang. All over international media there is news about how India utterly failed to come to the rescue of Kashmiris at the time of a natural calamity, along with the painful fact that India is an oppressor and occupier of the rights, land and honour of Kashmiris. As 27th October also approaches, marked as Black Day by Kashmiris all over the world, we are reminded of 27th October in 1947 when Indian troops landed in Srinagar and forcibly occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The good news is that we see an increased interest of Pakistani and international media regarding Kashmir dispute and Pakistan has once again made it clear to the World that Kashmir issue cannot be solved peacefully without the active role of international community and this is not a bilateral issue between Indian and Pakistan. Let’s hope and pray that Freedom is very near for Kashmiris inshaAllah.

دیکھ کر رنگ چمن ہونہ پریشاں مالی
کوکب غنچہ سے شاخیں ہیں چمکنے والی

Stay blessed.

Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi
October 2014