General Singh, No Chance Of A Short And Swift War Between Pakistan And India

By Khalid Muhammad

Well, since the other cartoons from India are speaking, there is no reason why the super cartoon shouldn’t.

General Dalbir Singh, India’s Chief of Army Staff, accused Pakistan of employing “new methods to create unrest in Jammu and Kashmir,” while saying that any future conflicts would be short and swift wars.

General sahab,

I don’t know what planet you are living on, but there is no chance of a short and swift war between Pakistan and India. Looking at the past history of both nations, we know that putting the nuclear arsenal in the field commanders control is not an impossibility. Actually, remembering the Kargil conflict, it’s more of a probability. Well, I guess I would have to take my words back… if the nuclear arsenal is put in play, it will be short, quick and decisive war with our roughly 120 warheads to your….???

We also know that India is trying to instigate Pakistan into a fight with the constant firing across the LoC. We all understand this to be part of the Doval national security plan, which has become ad hoc after the proxies were beaten in Baluchistan, Karachi and FATA. With your proxies gone, you have returned to the same old position of firing at our civilians and then blaming Pakistan for firing first.

Tsk tsk, General sahab. I thought the Indian army was a great and powerful force. Please don’t mind my laughter after that statement. I don’t know how an army can be a great and powerful force with only 10 days of munitions available. And it was your de-fense minister Parrikar who told the world this amazing fact a few months back at a media event.

So General Singh, please remember that Pakistan has been at constant war for roughly 8 years (since 2007) and for a few years prior in skirmishes. We are battle-tested.

Your army is used to police the oppressed and occupied territory of Jammu Kashmir, which you still seem to believe is yours even though the UN passed a resolution demanding that Kashmir be given a plebiscite to determine their own fate. You and Mr. Bhutto railroaded them with the Simla Agreement that forced Pakistan and India to find a resolution alone.