Why India Needs To Call Pakistan’s Nuclear Bluff Once And For All

Terrorism and veiled threats are used by India in an attempt to balance the asymmetry between the two countries’ armed forces.

By Khalid Muhammad

It’s rare that someone hands me the opportunity to counter the dream script that is being prepared in New Delhi and Kabul for Pakistan, but this “journalist” did exactly that.

So let’s play…

In today’s Daily O, Minhaz Merchant has urged India to call Pakistan’s nuclear bluff and wage war against our country.

Sorry, I have to stop my laughter before I continue writing…

Mr. Merchant puts forward an interesting history of Indo-Pak relations that is excellent because it answers many of the idiot Pakistanis that seem to believe that we are the same people. Yes, I am talking about the Aman ki Tamasha people and all of the Indian apologists that sit in our corridors of government and media.

But, I’ll get to them once I am done answering these points.

Mr. Merchant points out that Pakistan, from the Army Chief to the National Security Advisor, continues to repeat that it has nuclear weapons and can defend itself. He dares to state that Pakistan won’t use it’s nuclear weapons against India because it would “cripple Pakistan” and lead to the annihilation of our country.

Sorry, had to chuckle there as well.

He then uses a word that I associate more with the Indian government and their criminal Prime Minister Modi, “bluster.” We have listened to Modi, Parrikar and other members of the Indian government telling the world that Pakistan is a terrorist state, while implementing national policy that is discriminatory against minorities. We have watched Bollywood, the marketing engine of a fake India, telling the world that Pakistan is a vile and nasty country. We listened to Prime Minister Modi telling the people of Bangladesh that India was ready to use the same Mukti Bahini strategy in Pakistan to break us into “tiny pieces.” We listened as Defense Minister Parrikar told a full house earlier this year that India was ready to answer terrorism with terrorism. Isn’t that a fantastic statement coming from a sitting minister in the Indian government?

So bravo, gentlemen. Please allow me to give you a standing ovation on the bluster that your country has shown in the past few months. That is bluster and propaganda, because no matter how many journalists and scriptwriters tell you that you can beat Pakistan, we still know that you can’t.

The journalist then quotes Praveen Swami, an Indian Express journalist, who states the following:

“Ever since Modi took power last year, Pakistan has demanded negotiations, seeing them as a cushion against possible Indian strikes in the face of a major terrorist attack. Large swathes of its troops tied down in counter-insurgency duties, the Pakistan army would be hard pressed to resist even a limited Indian push in areas like Kashmir’s Neelam Valley. Though Pakistan often threatens nuclear reprisal, it knows it would be hard pressed to deliver on this threat in all but the most catastrophic scenarios, for the simple reason that annihilation would follow in short order. The truth is nuclear armed adversaries have engaged in small conventional wars: China and Russia clashed on the Ussuri river in the 1950s, and India and Pakistan themselves in 1999.”

He also goes on to point out that “disgruntled elements” could breach Pakistan’s nuclear safeguards and get access to our nuclear command and control center. Granted, that statement files directly against the assessment of the US military and intelligence services, when they stated that Pakistan has one of the most secure command and control centers, even more secure that India’s. But we won’t get into that right now…

Now, let’s get to the meat of the sandwich…

First, he rightly claims that Pakistan created the Taliban in the early 1990s. That is correct. With Afghanistan destabilized and caught in a civil war, Pakistan did create a force that could stabilize the country and bring peace to the region. Where he is wrong is that the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan is a breakaway faction of the Afghan Taliban.

The Tehrik-e-Taliban is a manufactured organization that finds its roots in the Penny Lane facility just outside Gitmo. We also know, from a story in the New York Times, that Hamid Karzai admitted that the TTP was being used to create strategic depth within Pakistan so that Afghanistan would have a better negotiating position with their neighbors.

And, by the way, the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan came into existence in 2007 after the Lal Masjid operation to unite all the militant groups in Pakistan against the Pakistan Army.

Big piece of information to miss.

Could someone explain why the former Afghan President is living in India, rather than Afghanistan?

Second, he brings up the standard argument of the Indian Border Security Force that the Pakistan Army has repeatedly violated the ceasefire on the Line of Control and the international border between both countries.

Third, he states that the Pakistan Army and the ISI has launched a series of terror attacks on Indian soil. He cites two captured militants who claim they were trained by Laskhar-e-Taiba. Much like Ajmal Kasab, there is no proof to support his statement, but when has India ever presented proof of their statements for the world to investigate? As a matter of fact, when India tried to get Pakistan censured in the UN Security Council, it was China, after reviewing the evidences presented, that said, “there is no proof of your argument in the evidence.”

This is the old drum that India pulls out of the closet when they need to bash Pakistan and no one is buying the story anymore. India refuses to accept that they are complicit in terrorist attacks within Pakistan, as a matter of national policy. Please go back and watch Doval’s explanation of the national security policy and how he talks about using terrorist and insurgent groups within Pakistan to destabilize the country. Prior to Doval, we had Karzai in Afghanistan that allowed the Indians to open consulates across the Pak-Afghan border.

What exactly are those consulates for and how many visas have they issued in the last 14 years?

He then moves on to myths that the Pakistan Army, ISI and civilian leadership nurse for the people of our country.

Myth 1 – “Pakistan, like India, is also a victim of terrorism.”

He starts off with Baluchistan. Wrong place to start, my friend. We know that Brahamdagh Bugti, head of the Baluchistan Republican Army, and Javed Mengal, head of Lashkar-e-Balochistan, are considering their options in surrendering to the Pakistan Army after many of their second-tier commanders along with hundreds of fighters have already started surrendering under peace plans.

Where are these men living? New Delhi.

So, to argue that India isn’t creating an insurgency in Baluchistan is a fallacy. And the argument that Pakistan has not presented a shred of evidence to prove this claim is categorically false. Pakistan has raised the issue in international forums and presented evidence to the Indians, the Americans and the British. Whether the journalist accepts that evidence or not, is of no concern to me or my nation.

He would like to beat the drum of genocide in Baluchistan by the Pakistan Army, but since he doesn’t understand the dynamics of the province, it’s easy to understand why he is so easily fooled. Baluchistan is a province that is controlled by sardars, where the people of those areas are starved for food, health care and education so that they can be easily controlled. He cites Peter Tatchell, a human rights activist, stating that, “On April 1, 1948, Pakistan sent troops to conquer the Baloch people. They have remained there ever since, blanketing the country with hundreds of military garrison posts to suppress the people.”

Are you seriously going to tell me that India, much less any other country, has not set up garrisons (bases in civilian language) around their own country to facilitate faster movement of troops to conflict areas?

Silly statements from an ultra-jingoistic journalist.

Myth 2: “Jammu and Kashmir is disputed territory.”

He would like to claim that India has honored all the UN resolutions and that Pakistan must vacate Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and that once we do, all issues can be discussed. What he fails to mention is that Indian also needs to withdraw all their troops from the region that is Indian-occupied Kashmir. He states that Pakistan must follow the agenda set by India and not the other way around, nor should there be a mutually agreed strategy for the solution.

I would also like to remind the journalist that when Sushma Swaraj, Indian External Affairs Minister, passed her judgement against Pakistan, she stated that Pakistan should follow the terms set in the Simla Agreement and the Ufa proclamation. Simla states that India and Pakistan will not allow a third-party to enter into the peace negotiations. No one. Not the UN, the US or any other country can step in to help solve this conflict. This is where India gained the advantage against Pakistan. To exclude every other country from assisting in conflict resolution, you are setting a process for destruction.

I’ll give you a simple example. A husband and wife are fighting every day with each other. They know that both are firmly entrenched in their positions and will not easily be convinced to leave them. For them to refuse to allow a third-party to intervene and assist in the resolution of the conflict means that the problem will never be solved and the conflict will continue until the marriage dissolves.

Jammu and Kashmir are disputed territories. But can be resolved with the inclusion of a third-party that can weigh all the arguments, demands and proposals to find the best way forward. Without that, this will continue to be a conflict zone for decades to come.

Myth 3: “Reciprocity”

“Cricketing ties, for example, will remain suspended. Can India really play cricket with a country that sends terrorists to kill and maim Indian women and children?”

While he starts off with beating on the most favored nation status that India gave Pakistan, but Pakistan still stands in “breach” of, the line above really got me laughing.

Can Pakistan really play cricket with a country that sponsors terrorist attacks in Pakistan to kill and maim Pakistani women and children?

We know for a fact that India has links to the TTP through the Afghan government. These were developed when Karzai was in power and continue to be leveraged to cause instability in Pakistan. We know for a fact that India has links with the Baluch insurgent movement.

And as a side note, for decades, India and its “intelligence” organization has said that Pakistan was hiding Dawood Ibrahim. Sadly, that falsehood was shattered with the admission that Dawood had reached out to the Vajpayee government to surrender himself.

India has also claimed that they have no black sheep in their army, but that myth was also dispelled with Col. Purohit was found to be involved in the Samjotha Express bombing. Sorry, involved is the wrong word. He provided material support in the form of explosives and planning to the attackers. But please tell us again that Pakistan’s army is the dirty one.

I won’t even get into what former President Musharraf said at a Times of India event about RAW involvement inside India.

Myth 4: “We are the same people.”

Finally, someone on that side of the border is saying what intelligent Pakistanis have been saying for decades. We are not the same people. That is without a doubt.

This is the argument that makes me laugh the hardest. “Punjabis dominate the army, civil service and business.” It is Pakistan’s largest province after all.

“Indians are far more diverse in language, culture and religion.” And the support that you present is a census count.

Can you tell us how many Muslims are in positions of power in India as compared to their Hindu compatriots?

Now, for the Aman ki Tamasha people and the Indian apologists.

I know you think that we are one people and one nation. Nothing makes you more excited than to believe that Pakistan and India could one day be re-joined as one nation. You don’t want us to live in independence, you want us to live in subservience to the Indian Hindu majority. Wasn’t that the reason that we wanted our own nation to begin with?

Yes, yes… I know. You believe that Jinnah was duped by Gandhi and Jinnah blinked. You believe that Pakistan should never have come into existence.

Here you have another Indian telling you that we are not the same people, but you continue to craft a narrative that doesn’t fit with our culture, beliefs and values. That narrative is against our national interest in every shape and form, but that doesn’t matter to you because you work for them.

So, please leave. Take your Aman ki Tamasha and all your fellow apologists with you.

I’m sure that India will welcome you with open arms much like they welcomed all of our enemies to their soil before you.

In the end, this is just another attempt by a frustrated government whose national security strategy has failed miserably, whose proxies have been beaten like dogs and now they fear that those guns will be turned on them.

Have a look at some of the headlines in the Indian media today:

Pakistani terror groups trying to attack India with drones

Pak Intelligence Not a Good Example for Afghanistan – Hamid Karzai

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