To Editor Of Dawn : Remember It’s Jinnah’s Face On Your Masthead!

By Khalid Muhammad

An open letter to the editor of

Dear Editor,

I was greatly saddened when I read your editorial this morning. It is one thing for a newspaper to carry Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s picture on it’s masthead, it’s something completely different to have such contempt for the nation’s armed forces.

Security Failure:

In your editorial, you first point out that the militants being able to travel through Peshawar and enter the PAF controlled area “a security failure of some degree.” First, let’s correct your language. The militants that you are pointing out are classified as terrorists by both the Government of Pakistan and most of the world. Calling them militants to save face is cowardly and against the stated national policy of the Pakistan Army and the Government of Pakistan.

While we all understand that there was a security failure, it’s not the job of a media that is unable to stand up to the PPP and MQM in Karachi, while condemning the boys that put their lives on the line everyday for this nation. How about you continue to report the news in your pro-India slant?

The Narrative:

Astonished is a polite way to point out your commentary on the narrative… or should I use your words “astonishing competition between the ISPR Official and the TTP.”

It’s TTP, not Taliban. The Taliban is in Afghanistan and have never fired a shot on Pakistan. The TTP is in Pakistan’s border region and across the border in Afghanistan at RAW and NDS safe havens. So, please stop listening to the idiots and refer to the organizations correctly.

As far as Muhammad Khurasani being able to contact the media and “live blog,” as you said, criminals always reach out to the media to get their story aired. It’s the job of a responsible media to not report the terrorist’s side of the story. That would make you collaborators and apologists, as per the National Action Plan.

You aren’t an apologist, are you?

I also personally liked the immaturity of your statement:

“Why was all of that able to take place unhindered? If there is a plausible answer, the technical and physical limitations should be explained to the public. It is disturbing that the TTP spokesman or his counterpart in other militant groups can continue to conduct communications with such ease inside Pakistan.”

Again, become a responsible media and stop reporting what they are saying. Nowhere in the world are terrorists given space in the media. Nowhere. I’m sure that you are trying to protect your journalists but you have a choice – Pakistan or the terrorists – and I am getting fed up with your choices.

The National Action Plan:

I notice from your editorial that you are possibly living in a cave.

“It still remains fairly obvious that the desirable level of cooperation and coordination between civilian and military arms of the security apparatus is not there.”

I am going to guess that none of your journalists cover the Apex Committee meetings in Karachi where the Rangers Karachi Op is discussed in detail. I am going to guess that you have never paid any attention when either the COAS or ISPR issues a statement. As a matter of fact, I seem to remember your newspaper following the rumor mill last Eid when it was circulating that Fazlullah had been killed.

No proof, no confirmation, no result.

I also remember a story that your newspaper printed last year claiming that Pakistan’s armed forces had bought weapons and parts from Israel. Even though the paper of record in Israel summarily disproved the statement, you continued to leave the story online for the nation to read.

It still remains fairly obvious that the desirable level of cooperation and coordination between the media and the public is not there.

Your job is to report the news, not make it up. Your job is to stand with the nation, not support the corrupt politicians and criminals while defaming the Pakistan military and law enforcement agencies.

We saw post 9/11 that the international media all got on the same page and went after those who had attacked them. Sadly, Pakistan’s media is still unable to take a stand against those who are killing our innocent civilians and military personnel.

Maybe, one day, you’ll remember that it’s Jinnah’s face on your masthead, not Gandhi or Hameed Haroon.