Taha Siddiqui, Let Me Define “Leading From The Front” For You

By Khalid Muhammad

Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Christian Science Monitor journalist Taha Siddiqui. Taha seems to think that insulting soldiers after they have just fought off a terrorist‬ attack is good taste. I’m sure he was also cracking jokes on 9/11 & 7/7.

Taha has worked for the New York Times, The Telegraph, France24, Geo, Dunya and Express… if that’s not a list of publications that hate Pakistan’s military with a passion, I don’t know what is.

So it’s not a surprise that he is spewing venom at our soldiers, but let me clarify some facts for you.

“Leading from the front.”

Captain Isfandyar‬ Shaheed‬ led his troops against the TTP‬ terrorists‬. He could have easily stayed at home in the air conditioning like you chose to do each day. He’s a hero forever… what exactly are you?

The 300 soldiers and officers of the ‪‎Pakistan Army‬ that have given their lives defending this country in Operation Zarb-e-Azb‬ is what is called leading from the front.

The fact that our COAS‬ Raheel Sharif is on the battlefront whenever he gets a chance, and our Chief of Air Staff‬ Sohail Awan is leading bombing runs, is called leading from the front.

“Wasn’t a battlefield”

You obviously haven’t been to ‪‎Pakistan‬ in quite a while.

The army has been deployed to protect airports, train stations, government buildings, while fighting a war on 3 fronts. COAS Raheel Sharif has a higher approval rating than ANY member of government.

The ‪‎Rangers‬ are working in ‪‎Karachi‬ to wipe out ‪‎terrorism‬, extortion and kidnapping. They are also involved in policing‬ within the city to bolster the politically ineffective provincial police departments. They are also rounding out corrupt politicians and bureaucrats involved in ‪‎terror financing‬.

The ‪‎Levies‬ and Army are working in Balochistan‬ to eliminate the foreign funded ‪‎insurgents‬, negotiate with the self-exiled Baloch‬ leaders and calm down sectarian violence.

In ‪‎Punjab‬, the army is continuing ‪‎IBOs‬ and launching an operation against sectarian groups in the province.

‪‎FATA‬ has been a battlefield since 9/11. Since ‪‎Peshawar‬ is attached to FATA (maybe you didn’t know), there is a great deal of flow into the city. You can’t check every person in every vehicle, or every person in every home. Journalists like you would throw up your hands in a human rights abuse chant.

“Was deep inside a ‪‎military‬ zone.”

Again, if you haven’t been to Pakistan in a while, you don’t know the ground realities.

Please read above again… slowly… so you understand.

What I am having difficulty not asking you is where are the other 22 investigative and policing organizations that fall under the Government of Pakistan? FIA, NACTA, IB, provincial police and their intelligence divisions, just to name a few…

See, what you don’t realize is that all of Pakistan is now a military zone with everyone fighting for the strongest position.

Yes, you would think that the army would have the stronger position, but this is a civilian government, per se. That means that Parliament gives the military a mandate, much like the 22nd amendment, to operate in the protection of the country. The provincial governments give the Rangers and other para-military organizations their mandate.

This is not a police state, no matter what your publications of record would like to pretend to state.

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5 replies

  1. Wonderfully written in the perfect patriotic taste.


  2. Well written! Its people like Taha Siddique who can sell their own mothers and sisters for money. He thinks he’s being a liberal, writing against his own country’s armed forces, and freedom-of-speech type of shit, without knowing the facts and hands-on experience, whereas in fact he represents his own grooming. What do people like him know about the price of freedom, they got it for free, and whine about it sitting in their air-conditioned room? Nah.


  3. The article is good except for the fact that nobody takes Taha Siddiqui seriously; why did you?


  4. buck up! i agree totally


  5. You will find barking dogs anywhere whether he is across the border or within us. “BUT REMEMBER BE AWARE OF THEM”


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