An Open Letter To TTP On The Anniversary Of #Peshawar #APS Attacks

An Open Letter To TTP On The Anniversary Of Peshawar APS Attacks

By Khalid Muhammad

Dear TTP & all the rest of your ilk,

You had the government’s attention in negotiations. You had the support of some political parties. There was a possibility that you might be part of government because of the weak leadership of the ‪‎PMLN‬ government.

But you decided to play the wrong card and attack our children. See, maybe you’re too stupid to understand, but we love our kids and will tear the soul from anyone who dares to harm them.

You brutally murdered our children. That we won’t forget. We will not forgive.

I’m sure some idiot commander within your glee club suggested this would be the best way to hit the people of Pakistan and the armed forces. Instead, you proved everything that people like me say to be completely true.

You are animals with no understanding of Islam. You have strayed from they teachings of the Prophet ‪‎Muhammad‬ (PBUH). You are no longer Muslims in anyone’s eyes, even those who stood in your defense before the Pakistani‬ public.

And to Fazlullah:

You are a coward. You are a weak human being. I watched you use your force against a defenseless people in Swat‬. I watched as you murdered and hung people for crimes against your interpretation of Islam, but not against Allah’s directives.

I watched as you took our boys’ innocence and replace it with an AK-47. I watched as you pretended to be a commander and leader, only to chase you as you ran from battle.

This is what cowards do. And your final proof was the attack on APS‬ ‪‎Peshawar‬.

But you can see, our children are back in their school. They are happy. They are strong and healthy. What you attempted to do, brought this nation together to rip life from all your fighters’ bodies. We will take their souls and send them to hell!

Men fight men to the death. The Quran doesn’t offer shahadat’s honors to the weak. You aren’t a man because you ran away and went into hiding.

We just want you to be clear. We are coming for you!

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