The New Balance Of Power In The Wake Of A Potentially Unstable US President

By Ali Hassnain

Gossips are abundant and Donald Trump has only fuelled them with reckless, often spur of the moment remarks. What should be done now? Should humanity give in to the wishes of a confused man? Hopes aside, it’s a dangerous situation.

The only way to counter balance the mad man threat is a NATO like alliance in Asia. China is perusing an aggressive foreign policy; they would have to continue to do so. Iran has no reasonable way out except to join such an alliance and ditch India or risk air strikes. They would have to stop meddling in other countries. Turkey would be another country in the potential alliance. Pakistan has no plans to invade anyone in the foreseeable future, neither has China. It’s the right time to sign an official defence pact. Any Foreign aggression can be defended against together. With Iran ditching Afghan and Iraq puppet regimes, things would change. A new military alliance to maintain balance of power is inevitable. Russia can potentially join the alliance, Egypt might be on board and even Saudi Arabia faces serious threat and might welcome such an alliance.

This hemisphere has to protect itself against a potentially unstable US President with world’s most powerful military and economy at his disposal; too much power in the hands of one unstable man. Solution lies in a NATO like alliance in Asia. Donald Trump can take a turn and fix the problems. At the same time it is very likely that he can amplify the problems of greater Middle East and Asia. I do believe he has poor knowledge of military, geopolitical, socio-political and other ground realities.

As far as Pakistan is concerned we need to get rid of our petty political issues. General Raheel seems fit to lead negotiations about the possibility of such an alliance.

While I hope and pray US president would not be as reckless as portrayed in the media but the solution lies in a new defence alliance lead by China and perhaps joined by Russia as well with Pakistan offering nuclear umbrella to countries like KSA, Iran, Egypt and Turkey, just like NATO provides nuclear umbrella to all the member countries. I hope and pray decision makers come up with this or a similar or any workable solution.

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