Biased Indian Media And Media Censorship In Kashmir Highlighted On Indian Republic Day

By News Desk

ISLAMABAD—Indian republic day is marked as Black day by Kashmiris all over the world. YFK – International Kashmir Lobby Group organized a media discussion titled “Biased Indian Media & Media Censorship In Occupied Kashmir: True Colors of ‘Democratic’ India”, to highlight the atrocities being done by Indian occupational forces and their tactics to hide them from international community.

Constitution of India came into force on 26th January 1950 replacing the Government of India Act 1935, a day to remind people that there still is a place under Indian occupation that is better known as lawless territory that is Indian-occupied Kashmir. The event was regarding the biasness of Indian media, media censorship in Kashmir and how Pakistani media can play its effective role in highlighting Kashmir conflict.

YFK calls on India to stop state repression in Kashmir, withdraw the army, stop harassing pro-freedom activists and start creating an environment conducive to the eventual implementation of UN-supervised plebiscite to determine the future of the territory.

On this occasion, Ex-Prime Minister Azad Jammu & Kashmir Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan, Renowned TV Anchor Hamid Mir, Ex-President PFUJ Afzal Butt, President National Press Club Shakeel Anjum, TV Anchor Alina Shigri, Senior Joint Secretary National Press Club Abid Abbasi, TV Anchor Adeel Bashir and others expressed their concerns on recent situation in Kashmir and the way Indian army is killing innocent Kashmiris with full impunity speak volumes about the champions of so called world’s largest democracy.

Youth Forum For Kashmir (YFK) is Pakistan’s first pro-Kashmir, registered and nonpartisan International lobbying group led by young Kashmiris and Pakistanis working to ensure justice to Kashmiris living under Indian-military occupation.

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