Debunking India’s surgical strike

By Shan bin Zafar Abbasi

Let’s analyse this Indian surgical strike story/video being propagated by the Indian media. Today we live in the era of building agendas, narratives and lies, and marketing them as facts. The better and louder your marketing strategy is, the more your agenda or narrative will be effective.

To be honest, I was expecting this ‘video evidence’ of surgical strike at the end of this year as elections in our neighbouring country are not far, but it came earlier.

Now let’s come to the technicalities of the ‘video evidence’. The first shot/angle of the video from above shows an Indian UAV as flying above Pakistani territory. Now just think for a second that why it is not getting detected or shot by Pakistani anti-aircraft guns or guided missiles, something which they had done several times in the past? Do we think that Pakistanis are foolish or incapable or that Indians hired Superman to do this job?

Now let’s come to the second shot/angle of the video. Are the Indians suggesting that their soldiers had taken video cams along with them and placed them on tripods before jumping into this action movie, sorry I meant ‘surgical strike’. Those shots are not UAV shots but fixed/still video shots from an observer cam.

Most importantly, why did the Indians have to destroy that little one room house by crossing enemy lines and taking cams/UAVs with them? That could have easily been done through one accurate arty fire from a big gun which can mark more than 10 to 20 km deep inside enemy territory if one knows the exact location to hit. All of this is way too improbable. Also think about it, why Pakistanis didn’t react diplomatically or hit Indians back militarily right away? Do Pakistanis lack weaponry and courage, or do they fear death? Obviously, we know that is not the case.

I have visited most parts of LoC myself, studied the geographical locations and defence strategies adopted by both militaries, interacted with locals as well as military personnel and I come from a military background too. I don’t think that any ‘surgical strike’ took place! Surgical strike means you entered or flied to the enemy territory, killed the bad guys, achieved your mission objective by destroying the target and came back to your home safely! It happens only in movies like GI Joe’s or video games like Delta Force, not in reality, especially at a region where tensions are high and is observed and monitored all the time like the LoC in Kashmir.

Pakistanis are not fools that they will build a Kashmir ‘Jihadi’ training camp or even execution camp near LoC or anywhere else! Pakistan armed forces are well aware of the technology being used by their enemies for spying. They have eyes, ears and minds right with them, except the long tongues that Indians use for lies!

I am not saying that Pakistanis don’t support Kashmiri freedom fighters; they do, diplomatically and ideologically, as well as militarily whenever they can. I am also not saying that there can’t be a military action on LoC, or that there can’t be cross border firing or targeted firing, or that there can’t be spying across LoC. All I am saying is, there can’t be silence and no reaction from the party to whom you claim to have done surgical strike against, on their very land! I believe their silence and lack of reaction portrays that they know very well that no such action took place. They know that their enemy is marketing a lie by beating the drum loudly.

Why is India doing this? Because Indian government wants to market itself as the new leader in Asia against War on Terror, so they can attract investments, opportunities, and trust from the world and also to win elections against Congress. Indeed, it will help them in the short term, but it’s not a good strategy for in the long run.

We must get a bird’s eye view of the ground reality before blindly believing everything being propagated by a sworn enemy of a country. We must remember that Kashmir is not just a disputed place, but a market for many to invest, nationally and internationally.

The best way to bring a little change is to give respect to the narrative of other party as well by listening and analysing it rather than always propagating and defending the point of view of the aggressor.

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  1. It’s a very good analysis based on facts that brings out the childish act propagated by indians.. writer caught the issue on technicalities which were unbelievably out of indian minds while letting that drama in the air.. good mr.shan bin zafar abbasi.. i appreciate your effort.
    Pakistan Paindabaad
    Pak Armed Forces Zindabad


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