Love of Ottomans for the Prophet PBUH and his family

Love of Ottomans for the Prophet PBUH and his family

It was a practise of the Ottomans for centuries to place their hands upon their hearts and to lower their heads when the blessed name of Sayyiduna Muhammad (PBUH) was mentioned in the khutba, in lessons, in conversations, at home, and in all situations. Why? Because when Madinah is distant and reaching it is difficult – The Beloved (PBUH) is alive in our hearts. (Hayyun fi Qulubina).
They would also do this because when yearning for him ﷺ would erupt like a volcano and desire to see him would reach its pinnacle – it was only through wiping the chest that the hearts would find rest. They had exemplary adab and lowered themselves before his supreme rank (PBUH) so Allāh raised them.

– Shaykh Mohammed Aslam

A great example of the love of the Ottoman Sultans for the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was the value they attached to his descendents, the Syeds. Under Ottoman Law the Syeds were pensioned by the state so that they would not be financially strained and were exempt from taxes.
During the enthronement of every Ottoman Sultan from Osman I to Mehmed VI, the Syeds were shown great respect. It was a requirement by law that the Ottoman Sultan was first congratulated by the highest-ranking Syed in the empire, the Nakîbü’l-Eşraf.

This bulb was used in Masjid al-Nabawi over 112 years old (1325AH). It was from the first bulbs ever used in the Prophet’s (PBUH) mosque.
When Sultan Abdul Hamid ll introduced electricity to Madinah in 1325AH, he beautifully lit up the Prophet’s Masjid first. He had such adab that he placed electricity in Madinah before his own palace in Istanbul.

The first chandeliers and generators were sent by the Nizam of Hyderabad, India. If you have adab with the Prophet of Light ﷺ – wallahi, Allāh will illuminate your dunya and akhirah.

— Shaykh Mohammed Aslam

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