Indian Occupied Kashmir is a prison right now – Noam Chomsky

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Kashmir is a prison right now – Noam Chomsky

Distinguished scholar Noam Chomsky said that Kashmir is a prison and India under the ruling BJP government is clearly showing symptoms of fascism.

“Well, I mean, the whole institutional structure of India, plus the great mass of the Hindu population, is evidently very supportive of the undermining of Kashmiri autonomy and opening up to Indian settlement,” he said in an interview posted by Counter Currents.

“Kashmir is a prison right now, but it’s supported in India. I don’t think people know what is happening,” he said.

Chomsky also pointed out the Press in India has been gagged.

“One thing that’s happened is the press has been pretty much muzzled. They are very uncritical.”

Chomsky spoke about Kashmir at a time when it has been 6 months since Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi revoked the autonomous status of the disputed Kashmir territory on August 5, 2019. Since then the region has been seen a clampdown with Internet blackout and suspension of basic democratic rights.

The change in the status of the UN-recognized disputed territory has soared tensions between Nuclear-armed Pakistan and India, who partly control the region.

Pakistan’s Premier Imran Khan has also previously described Kashmir as the biggest open air prison.

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