Modi’s Machiavellian politics in Kashmir

Modi’s Machiavellian politics in Kashmir

By Dr. Maqsood Jafri

Eminent German sociologist Max Weber in his famous essay captioned “Politics as Vocation (1919)” made a crucial distinction between an “ethics of responsibility”, and an “ethics of ultimate end”, that to this day remains a hallmark of a moral choice in politics.

In a lecture at the University of Munich, he told his audience: “we must be clear about the fact that all ethically oriented conduct maybe guided by one of two fundamentally differing and irreconcilably opposed maxims: conduct can be oriented to an “ethic of ultimate ends”, or to an “ethics of responsibility”.

Undoubtedly, there are two identically ethical acts diametrically opposed directions. Italian political philosopher Machiavelli in his treatise titled “The Prince” also propounded the Philosophy of ultimate end. His demonic spirit is infused into the mind of Modi. Modi is instilled and inspired by the demonic philosophy of Chanakya as well. It is sorrowful to mention that “end justifies the means”, has destroyed the ethical aspect of politics.

In “Nehjul Balagha”, we read the sermons of Hazrat Ali cursing his political adversaries for their un-Islamic and unethical designs. In Islam, politics and ethics are synonymous and identical.

Dr. Iqbal had rightly said: “Whether it is monarchic splendor or Democratic feat , if religion is separated from politics , it becomes barbarity”.

The names of Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Saddam, and Modi are like smutty smudges on Secularism and so-called democracy. On September 8, 2020 the Ambassador of Azerbaijan Ali Alizada called on the speaker of National Assembly Asad Qaiser and interacted on the issues of Mutual Interest. The speaker said that Azerbaijan being an important country could play its role in OIC and other regional forums to raise the plight of people of illegally occupied Kashmir by Indian Forces. The Ambassador Ali Alizada said that his country stands with Kashmiris in their struggle for the right of self-determination. It is indeed a welcoming diplomatic policy of Azerbaijan.

Ashok Swain, In Gulf News writes: ”India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who never misses any chance to issue war threats to Pakistan has been trying to play down the crisis and his guarded condemnation has become so guarded that it fails to name China. In August 2019, when Modi decided to take away the limited autonomy of Kashmir and divided the state of Jammu and Kashmir and made Ladakh a separate administrative Unit, that made China anxious over India’s future plans”.

Besides, Modi’s decision to sign the Logistic Exchange Memorandum of Agreement with the US in 2016 and boycotting XI’s pet project, Belt Road Initiative (BRI) since 2017 had made China furious. The crux of the matter is that India is hostile and cherishes expansionist designs.

Modi’s Home Minister also thundered inside the parliament to give his life to capture Aksai Chin. The political brat and braggart boasted and bragged in frenzy and now is trembling on the uproarious announcement of the Chinese to fix the Indian trespassers. The political weather of South Asia is changing. Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh have distanced themselves from India.

It is the right time to make “Defence Bloc” under the leadership of China whose members could be Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia and SAARC countries. Jointly, they should encounter Hegemonic designs of India. India is all out to damage CPEC, but will never succeed in his demonic mission.

Modi is not a lion. He is a fox. He is crooked and callous. He is a religious maniac. During the riots in Gujrat in 2002, when Modi was the Chief Minister, 2500 Muslims were killed under his nose by his malicious intent. An Indian British National Dawood along with his family was also killed by rioters. His relatives filed a suit against Modi and the applicant pleaded that Modi was constitutionally, statutorily and personally liable for being in complete command of the state machinery on whose watch Gujrat riots of 2002 raged for days and Modi turned a blind eye to riots rather maneuvered the massacre of the Muslims.

Now after 18 years the local court in Gujrat State has ordered the removal of Modi’s name from the law suit seeking damages of the murder of three British Nationals during the 2002 riots. If this is the situation of justice in India, then from where the Kashmiris can get justice? The murderer of the Muslims of Gujrat is now busy murdering the Kashmiri Muslims. The Judges in India are afraid of Modi and their lives are insecure. No judge can give any verdict against the excesses of RSS and BJP.

On September 9, 2020, Corps Commanders Conference chaired by Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa was held in GHQ. The conference extensively deliberated upon prevalent situation inside Indian occupied Kashmir and the Indian violations of LOC and their impact on Pakistan’s security dynamics. General Qamar Javed Bajwa is brave and brilliant commander and is capable of dealing with internal and external challenges facing Pakistan. God is our protector and our last resort. May Allah save Pakistan from the pugnacious policies of India and Kashmir is freed from its yoke.

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