The Use of Brute Force in Kashmir

The Use of Brute Force in Kashmir

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

The General Secretary of Kashmir All Parties Hurriyat Conference Molvi Bashir Ahmed in a statement issued in Srinagar said that the Kashmiris have written a new chapter in history by nurturing freedom movement by their blood. He asked the Kashmiris to beware of the internal and external threats posed to the freedom movement. He urged them to remain cautious, particularly from the hypocrites and the fifth columnist, who are like snakes in the grass and are trying to make place in the hearts of people to hoodwink them with their deceit, deception and tricks and are persuading them to take part in so called local bodies elections which are being administered by Modi-led fascist Indian government.

He further asserted that the Kashmiris did not sacrifice their lives, property and honour for elections but for freedom from Indian subjugation. It is pertinent to mention that India has crossed all limits of brutality to crush the freedom movement but has totally failed. Despite, a lapse of over seven decades, no plebiscite has been held in Kashmir and it has been reduced to a prison.

The former Chief Minister of Indian Occupied Kashmir Ms. Mehbooba Mufti , who is also a former ally of BJP was compelled to call Kashmir a “Guantanamo Bay” style prison. She said:

“Kashmiris feel that they are literally imprisoned in a cage from which almost all exit routes are barred save one, to India, which is also not without peril.”

An eminent Journalist A. G. Noorani writes:

”Kashmiris are distrusted and treated poorly.”

Wolfgang Danspeck Gruber writes in the introduction of his book titled ‘The Self Determination of People’:

”Sovereignty has experienced mounting challenges from increased public education about and awareness of basic human rights and global real -time information.”

Amjad Javed has aptly maintained in his column:

“India is bound to desist from human rights violations in IOK even under Article 42 of The Hague regulations 1907, Common Article 2 of the Geneva Conventions, Article 42- 56 Geneva Convention IV and Customary International Law.”

I fell it incumbent to mention that great scientist and the author of a book titled “Out of My Later Years”, Albert Einstein profoundly desired for permanent piece in the world. He struggled hard to achieve his mission of world peace and wrote to the world intellectuals asking them to make a strenuous effort to avoid war.

We can also not ignore the great insightful efforts of British Philosopher Bertrand Russell, who preached and promoted the need of peace and condemned war mindset. But, unfortunately, their efforts were in vain and the World War Second broke out that resulted in great human loss and proved a dreadful event in human history. Both savants and peace-mongers were of the opinion that justice is the basic prerequisite for peace. Injustice brings disparity, division and dreadfulness. Modi is a fascist and the sad saga of his injustices in Kashmir is highly condemnable. His tirade is illustrative of the RSS-BJP mindset; a dangerous mix of extremist Hindutva ideology and expansionist “Akhand Bharat” designs.

It is a sad fact that this mindset has permeated the state institutions of India including the armed forces. Indian Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Bipin Rawat has recently given an irresponsible and gratuitous statement against Pakistan. The Indian CDS’s unabated anti- Pakistan vitriol is his completely flawed understanding of Pakistan’s realities as well as his patently politicize biased approach. As a consequence of Hindutva policies, religious places in India and Kashmir are desecrated, mob lynching takes place with state complicity and persecutions of minorities and disadvantaged sections and segments are rampant.

Kashmir is a political issue and must be resolved according to the UN resolutions but unfortunately, India has given it a racial and religious tinge and has annexed it forcibly. To defame and destabilize Pakistan is the state policy of India. Indian Prime Minister Modi and his cabinet members publicly support terrorism in Pakistan. India is providing training, money, and weapons to the terrorists.

India is aggressor in Kashmir and in solely involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan but falsely gives impression to America and the West as she is facing and fighting terrorism. India wants to get the sympathies of America and the West against China. It is the treacherous policy of India to gain support from anti-China lobby. It is a farcical and fraudulent Indian diplomacy based on pseudo democracy, hypocrisy and duplicity.

India was a lackey of Russia and got much aid and gains on diplomatic and military front from Russia. India cajoled Russians and always impelled her to use veto power against Kashmir in UN. Now, India is using America for its nefarious designs. Modi had recently called the President-elect Joe Biden and has congratulated him on his election victory, which he said showed the strength of US democracy and he vowed to deepen strategic ties with America. Modi had built close ties with Ronald Trump. Both had held a joint rally in the U.S city of Houston last year and again in Modi’s home state of Gujarat this year, during the visit of Trump to India.

Modi claimed to be a chum of Trump and publicly hugged him and announced his support to Trump. Both aimed to contain and counter China’s expanding political, military and economic influence in the region. Modi is a shameless person. As in an instant, he changed his fidelity and loyalty and switched to the camp of Joe Biden leaving his buddy in the ditch and dyke of dirt; one day he will similarly dodge America and seek some other camp.

Turkey and China have openly expressed their support on the issue of Kashmir. Both have condemned Indian atrocities being perpetrated on defenceless Kashmiris and the violation of human rights in Kashmir by Indian occupied forces. Reiterating China’s clear and constant position on Kashmir Issue, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian called for resolving the longstanding issue properly in accordance with the UN Charter, the UN Security Council resolution and the bilateral agreements for regional peace and stability.

In the present perspective we need to effectively mobilize world opinion against Indian aggression. On diplomatic front we need the guidance and succour of the specialist on Kashmir Issue who can highlight the basic tenets of the case and convince the people concerned and make grounds to defeat and devastate Indian false stance on Kashmir. Time is running out as India is fast changing the demographics of Kashmir.

Kashmir Issue is the issue of our life and death. India is daily violating the international law and killing the innocent Kashmiris who reside across the Line of Control. We daily register our resentment and annoyance but to no avail. An immediate renewal and rejuvenation of strategic policy is needed before it is too late.

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