OIC’s Niamey Declaration calls for settlement of Kashmir dispute as per UNSC resolutions

OIC’s Niamey Declaration calls for settlement of Kashmir dispute as per UNSC resolutions

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s 47th Session of Council of Foreign Ministers, in its declaration, called for peaceful settlement of Kashmir dispute as per UN Security Council resolutions supported the genuine cause of the Kashmiris.

Named as Niamey Declaration, the document of the 47th Session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers was held in Niger on November 28, 2020. The document explicitly reiterated the OIC’s principled position on Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan has expressed gratitude for reaffirmation of OIC steadfast support on Kashmir. Every Kashmiri deems it his sincere and heartfelt gratitude to the OIC for affirming strong and unequivocal support and succour on the Issue of Kashmir.

The President of Azad Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan,  who had participated in the conference and led the Kashmiri delegation has aptly maintained that the approval of this resolution and the declaration of the conference in which the Indian atrocities in occupied Jammu and Kashmir have been highlighted have poured cold water on the excitement of Indian rulers to push Kashmir issue on the back burner. It is a fact that Kashmir Issue is not a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan, rather it is the matter of the freedom of a nation who is seeking freedom and struggling for its democratic and human rights. OIC has always declared the Kashmir Issue as the issue of Muslim Ummah and has asserted upon and stressed on the need for its resolution in accordance with the UN resolutions.

The OIC also expressed its serious concern on the Islamophobia promoted by the Westerners. Modi is a racist and a religious maniac. The worst form of Islamophobia can be seen in India and Kashmir, where the Hindu fanatics are humiliating, harassing, intimidating, killing and jailing the innocent Kashmiris. Gang raping is the order of the day. It has become essential to unveil the gruesome visage of the Indian fascist Narendra Modi and his like- minded devotees and votaries overwhelmed by Hindutva ideology.

An American historian Professor Huntington, in his book titled “The Clash of Civilizations”, had propounded the theory of clash between the Muslims and the West. It is a hate theory expounded with malicious intent to revive the spirit of Crusades against the Muslims. Modi and Trump are the followers of Hitler, Mussolini, Machiavelli, Chankiya and Huntington. It goes with out saying that the Muslim countries must sever diplomatic relations with India and impose economic sanctions on India as well. Of course, the outcome of OIC’s recent meeting was a unanimous rejection and condemnation of all illegal actions taken by India in the region of Kashmir.

I endorse the views of the Editorial of daily The Patriot that opined that this development comes as a major win for Pakistan considering it has secured the support of 57 Muslim countries for the Kashmiris cause. However, this is just the beginning. Undoubtedly, it is a great achievement that according to the resolution of OIC the revocation of Kashmir’s special status, state terrorism, vast human rights violations and indiscriminate killings of the defenceless Kashmiris has been denounced. Here, it is pertinent to point out that the Indian government must rescind the domicile certificates being issued to non- Kashmiris. It is tantamount to alter the demographic structure of the territory. It is a gratuitous semblance of recognizing Kashmir as an issue of freedom of Muslims.

OIC further emphasized that Kashmir is an international issue and if India continues to violate internationally applied laws in the region, then members of the OIC will reach out and encourage the world to review their relations and dealings with India for the sake of suppressed innocent Kashmiris. Under the situation, this is the right step and kind of response needed from the global community at large.

Kashmiris have been granted right of Self-determination by the UN and India is a signatory of the pact. The telegram of the first Indian Premier Pundit Jawahir Lal Nehru to the then Premier of Britain Lord Attlee is on record, in which he promised to hold free and free plebiscite in Kashmir. Besides, his speeches and statements authenticate the stance of the Kashmiris about the transparent plebiscite in Kashmir.

The articles 370 and 35/ A of the Indian constitution also support the plea of Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir. Their annulment clearly shows the breach of pledges by the government of Modi. The revocation of these articles , on one hand is the violation of the Indian constitution and on the other violation of the UN resolutions on Kashmir.

It is strongly recommended that the membership of India must be cancelled and economic sanctions imposed on India for breaching the UN resolutions. The democratic Western world should come forward and take solid steps to curb and contain Indian hegemonic designs and bestial steps. The unprecedented atrocities are being perpetrated on the defenceless Kashmiris and must be immediately halted.

The government of Pakistan should accelerate this move on diplomatic front and get the services of genuine and committed intellectuals who are specialist on Kashmir Issue. This is a technical and hectic task that can be only performed with great patriotic spirit.

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